Twitter Threads: How to make & schedule threads

If Twitter truly is a micro-blogging space then the Thread is the ultimate expression of shared thought on the platform.

Threads are a powerful way of connecting with your followers. They allow you to express a lot more than you could in 280 characters. And if the 280 character limit is meant to extract the core of our ideas then a series of those tweets chained together is how Twitter allows us to share value in a distilled yet voluminous way.

Threads are an opportunity to take your followers on a journey; to lead them through thought and arrive at your intended point all without shedding any of the substance that may be sacrificed to the 280 character limit.

All together threads are a more natural way to tweet. Nobody thinks or talks in 280 characters, we are far too complex for that. Thoughts and sentences trail off, weaving through many touching points before arriving at their end; and while putting those words into text might require us to polish our thoughts a refined article; the threads give room to retain color, imagery even allowing us to add intense and value to what would otherwise be just 280 characters cast out into the ether.

If you’ve ever wanted to boost your engagement or share more of yourself then you should master the art of the threads.

Five reasons you should use more threads on your Twitter


Unless you’re a master wordsmith sharing all there is to who you are and expressing all the different aspects of your person will be something of a tall order to do in 280 characters. Threads will let you delve deeper into who you are and what you like – allowing you to create deeper connections with the people that follow you.


Twitter engagement and growth are all about value and while it’s certainly possible to pack value into 280 characters, threads are a better way to share value and expression of thought.

As opposed to sacrificing depth in a single tweet, threads will let you distill your thoughts, refine them and share them exactly how you envision them. This will help you give your followers great value and all the depth of insight you possess.


Threads let you expand on ideas and the themes of your content more fully ensuring your followers are never left in the dark. Quality tweets are a follower’s dream and those tweets are expounded on and brought to life in easy-to-read threads the experience is all the better.


Because tweets are generally single fire content bits threads carry with them an of intrigue. They encourage the reader to stop and consider what is being said. When used effectively threads will help you create a reputation for reliable, trustworthy, and useful content with your followers.

Share quality threads enough times and your followers will know to stop every time they come across your content.


The very nature of threads is such that the end is not immediately apparent from the beginning.

Threads create suspense and expectation. They pull in your reader and compel them to see the thread out to its conclusion. This allows you the time to nurture a relationship with your words, create a need in the reader or just the room to drive home the impression you’ve built.

Threads are perfect for leading up to a call to action or closing a sale and more than that they can leave your reader begging for more of your content.

How to make a thread on Twitter

There are many ways to go about making threads and sharing your content on Twitter in long-form. Making threads is fairly simple and you can do it in multiple ways over mobile. desktop.

Below is a detailed explanation of how you can create your own threads and start leveraging all that you can do with them. For this article we’ll stick to making threads on desktop but it’s all so straightforward you’ll know how to do it on mobile too by the time you’re done.

1. Click the “Tweet” button at the bottom of your screen

Threads 1

2. The composer box will pop-up

3. Write your first tweet

4. Click on the *plus* (+) button in the bottom right next to the tweet button

That will open up space for an additional tweet as shown below.


5. Repeat the process until you have completed your thread.

Threads 2

6. You can add media, emojis, or a poll to the tweets in the thread.

And that’s it. The process is simple and pretty much the same across the web app and mobile devices. As of now, you cannot create threads via TweetDeck which is a bummer considering the whole point behind it is to create a much more convenient way to enjoy Twitter.

It is also quite unfortunate that while Twitter allows you to schedule a single post, once you expand it into a thread that functionality is disabled. Why? We haven’t a clue.

Not to worry though.

Hypefury allows you to schedule and post in a much simpler way.

If you’d like a full breakdown on how to get started tweeting with Hypefury you might want to start here first

Hypefury and (scheduling) Threads.

Here’s how you can share your stories and threads with Hypefury. You can do it in seconds.

create twitter threads

Want to schedule threads easily too? Give Hypefury a try!

Much like a normal tweet you can compose your threads either directly from the queue or from the drafts tab.

Either way will work just fine, it just depends on whether you’re creating a stockpile of content or creating something to share right away.

  1. From the Queue click on “What would you like to share” or “Compose drafts” in the Drafts tab.
  2. The composer will then pop up.


hypefury scheduling tweet

3. From the composer you can add tweets to your threads by clicking on the (+) button in the text box.

4. Once your tweets are done you can schedule them to the queue or the drafts to be revisited later.

Unlike with the Twitter web app or the native apps, Hypefury will let you schedule your threads so they are posted when you feel they might have the greatest impact.

You could leverage this by scheduling themed content in the run-up to a sale you might run or the release of a product or info-product you’ve been working on.

You could make creating threads even easier on yourself by making use of Hypefury’s awesome text splitting feature. This feature allows you to turn whatever content you paste into the composer into a thread whenever it is longer than 280 characters.

Thread setting

Accessible from the settings tab this feature is great if you want to share content from your blogs, newsletters, or articles you’ve read with your followers. You could even use it to help you share excerpts from your upcoming work or previews of special content you are producing.

Below is a six-tweet thread of the classic poem “O Captain, My Captain” by Walt Whitman that was created by simply copying and pasting the text into the composer. Can you imagine if you had to type out every single character of this entire poem or a page out of your own book just so you could share it?

With Hypefury all the work of getting your threads ready to share is done for you. You simply paste in the text you want to share into the composer and you’ll have a ready-to-post thread created in no time at all. And when you feel like setting up the thread for yourself, it’s as easy as flipping a switch in your settings.


If you share a lot of written content or blogs and newsletters form part of your online real estate then being able to get your premium content in front of your followers or new eyes will help you boost your growth and engagement. It will also free you up to maximize productivity in other parts of your day.

Mastering the art of the thread is a must if you’re ever going to reach significant heights with your Twitter or create a lasting impression on your followers, and the best tool to help you do that is Hypefury. With everything from instant posts to your Twitter to scheduled posts for maximum impact and the ease of use built-in to help you crank the most value possible you’ll never have to look beyond your Hypefury dashboard on your way to Twitter domination.

Elevating your Thread game

Once you’ve settled on your preferred platform for creating your thread -which should be Hypefury- you’ll want to make sure to incorporate these 2 powerful ideas into your thread game for the best possible engagement and effect.

Tell a story

Stories are a fascinating thing, they allow people to escape their present moment and entertain something else for a moment. For a writer, that is a powerful weapon.

You can elevate your threads by telling your followers a story or leading them through a journey. Everyone loves a tale of triumph or redemption. You can use that to your favor by taking your followers through the ups and downs of your brand or by detailing how you’ve been able to enjoy the success you’ve had.

That will allow your followers to get to know you better and show them how they could benefit through following and studying the content you put out.


Much of Twitter can be nothing but useless drivel and that too presents a wonderful opportunity to have a positive impact on the people who come across your content.

You can take advantage of people’s need for positivity by educating them in the processes, principles, and methods that have brought success. That could be physically, financially, or even mentally, in the way you think through challenges and problems.

You could use threads to cover steps to follow, detail pitfalls to avoid, or explore some new concepts you’ve found to be useful to you.

Educating and sharing what you know with others can be a powerful tool. And you can learn more about that by listening to Episode 2 of Hypefury Presents with Jose Rosado. He was able to grow his account to over 40k followers and transform his life entirely through the powerful idea of educating others on what you like and love.

You can listen to it on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Podcasts

Taking in some threads

Once you’ve had enough of churning out gems in your threads you might also want to check out quality threads you come across on your timeline.

Here are some cool tools you can use to get some quality content;

 Advanced Search

While advanced search won’t bring up threads specifically you can use it to start finding quality content from users worth following. And who knows, maybe you’ll start to come across threads that will actually impart some value to you as opposed to just wasting your time.


Bookmarks are a great way to keep and go through quality threads on the timeline. You never know when a quality thread will present itself and being able to save and review them when you’re actually able to stop and give them your attention is amazing.

Next time you come across a thread and you don’t have the time to be getting deep into don’t just scroll past, bookmark it and get back to it when you have a moment.


Lastly, Threader makes it super easy to take in threads from the users you like. Reading threads on the timeline can get very clunky and turn a wonderful read into an unpleasant experience.

Threader allows you to read a copy of the thread you like compiled in blog format on a website.

To read a thread you just reply @threader “compile” under a thread you’d like to read and you’ll get a link to an easy-to-read copy of the whole thread in just moments.

You can also visit their website and read some of the best threads out there from their giant library of threads.


So, now you know how you can share a little bit more of yourself and explore ideas much more deeply on your Twitter account to maximize your engagement and establish yourself as a source for great content in the Twitterverse.

You even know how you could ratchet up your content output and increase your productivity so you’re never losing a moment of your precious time and how you can go about finding and reading the best content in the slickest way possible.

The Twitter micro-blog format remains undefeated when it comes to sharing and interacting with the best ideas and minds out there. Threads elevate that, allowing you to share the very best of your thoughts and expand on concepts requiring a lot more than just 280 characters to delve into.

However, you go about Twitter, share a lot more threads.

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