The Best Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow in 2024

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New Years are the best time to set new goals and stick to them. And with new goals, you may need to follow new people who will help you achieve those goals.

If you’re looking to be fit then you will follow fitness accounts that will help you achieve your goal of being fit. And this is likewise for every other goal out there.

In this post, we will take a look at the best 50 Twitter accounts that you can follow in 2024.

The Best Marketing Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow

1. Andrew Gould

Andrew Gould

Andrew is a freelance copywriter who has been writing copy since 2009. Andrew is someone who knows his craft. He started sharing on Twitter/𝕏 in late 2021 and has grown to 30+ thousand followers since then. This shows how much he provides value.

And what’s more, is that he’s one of the people with nothing to sell you. He doesn’t have a course, a product, or a service. For him, Twitter/𝕏 is just a place for him to share his learning and make friends.

If you want to learn copywriting then Andrew is the person


2. Jeff Putnam

Jeff Putnam

Jeff Putnam started as a freelancer for his writing services and was known as The Rugged Legacy back then. He used to talk about writing among other things.

He has now rebranded and apart from talking about writing, he talks about marketing because he was able to market his services and grow a lot.

Now he’s teaching others to do the same.

If you think he is familiar then he probably is because he appears on the login page of Hypefury


3. Jay Hustler

Jay Hustler

Jay is a marketing and SEO expert who has helped brands and businesses increase traffic to their websites.

He also breaks down how he does this as case studies through his threads and he also has a product that has more information about SEO.

With his threads alone you get a lot of value and from his product, you are guaranteed to get a lot more.


4. Yannick Veys

Yannick Veys

Yannick is the chief marketing officer and co-founder of Hypefury.

Before founding Hypefury, he worked at a digital marketing firm where he picked up his skills and later started his own side projects (sites) that he built and marketed and earn him an income to this day.

And for Hypefury, he has grown it from the ground from $0 MRR to $20k MRR publicly where he shared everything that he was doing to get there.

After $20k MRR, he stopped sharing numbers and started focusing on helping other creators make an income online as well.

His posts are full of gems about marketing building and growing businesses and experiments that he’s trying to grow Hypefury.

5. Andrea Bosoni


Andrea is a marketer with over 10 years of experience in the field. What is different about him is that he knows that marketing is the sum of small efforts that yield great results. And that’s what he advocates.

His posts are all about helping people get more results through their marketing efforts. And if you really want to see how he helps people go over to his profile and go to the replies section. There you will see how he takes the time to help people who ask him questions about marketing.

If that’s not enough, he has a newsletter ZeroToMarketing where he picks a new site every month and digests how he would grow it.

6. Jeremy Moser


Jeremy Moser is an SEO and marketing expert who is the founder of uSERP and currently serves as its CEO.

His firm has worked and delivered results for big brands like and Robinhood.

He was currently mentioned in Forbes 3o under 30 for the marketing category and that shows how much he knows his stuff.

His posts are about marketing, SEO, and growing a business.

7. Alex Garcia


Alex is an all-rounded marketer who is now focused on teaching people about marketing.

Back in 2021, he did a challenge of 30 threads in 30 days and every day he shared a thread about marketing.

Now he runs his newsletter Marketing Examined, where he teaches people about all sorts of digital marketing such as content marketing and social media marketing.

8. George Ten


George is a copywriter who has helped sell more than 500,000 products online with his two clients generating 8 figure revenues.

Now he’s sharing his knowledge on how people can be better copywriters.

George is one of the few marketers out there who focus on the basics and the small stuff.

His feed is full of gems and has curated his best marketing lessons and gives away the product for free.

9. Roberto Robles


Roberto is an SEO expert, agency owner, and an SEO SaaS founder.

His agency helps businesses and brands leverage SEO to get more traffic and sales online.

After doing SEO for a long time, he decided to create his own SaaS that is not as expensive as tools such as Ahrefs.

He shares about SEO and digital marketing through his posts as well as through his YouTube channel

The Best Business Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow

10. Wiz Of Ecom


Wiz of Ecom is an account on Twitter/𝕏 that teaches people how to become entrepreneurs and build businesses.

His timeline is full of informative threads that help people learn more about building businesses and he even created a community for entrepreneurs.



ROUGUEWEALTH is an account that teaches about business but mostly about sales and handling objections.

Sales and handling objections is on of the areas that many people in business struggle with and ROUGUEWEALTH does a great job in helping people in that area.

He also has a community where he teaches serious people more about sales and business systems

12. Cold Email Wizard


As the name of the account, this account focuses on getting clients through email marketing and everything in between such as offers formulation so that people don’t pass your offers.

13. Alex Mathers


Alex Mathers is one of those accounts that was hard to classify in which group he belongs because he talks about business, writing, productivity, self-improvement and much more!

But we added him here because all that he talks about in the end helps with business as well.

14. Daniel Vassallo


Daniel Vassallo is the founder of Small Bets, a community for people who want to build their own businesses.

He left his software developer job at Amazon to build his own businesses and attain freedom. In the process, he realized that it’s better to have multiple small bets and not go all in one thing and thus the Small Bets community.

In his community he teaches people about different lessons on building online businesses and invites different creators to talk about areas which he doesn’t have expertise on.

15. Alex Hormozi


Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur, investor and author. He has built and sold multiple businesses and now he invests in other businesses through is company,

He’s on this list because apart from building and investing in businesses, he also teaches that so that other people can build and grow businesses as well.

He shares his knowledge through his posts, books, YouTube videos and his podcast.

The Best Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow for Content Creators

16. Jose Rosado


Jose is a creator who has made 6 figures from info products. He started with web design, then he taught it. Afterwards he started teaching people about sales and handling objections from prospect and how he is focused on teaching people how to make money online though social media.

He was primarily focused Twitter/𝕏 and the he challenged himself to make an audience on Instagram. He succeeded and now he’s teaching people how to do the same through his posts on Twitter/𝕏 and reels on Instagram.

17. Arvid Kahl


Arvid Kahl is software developer turned founder turned author. He founded Feedback Panda with his girlfriend then sold it for a lot of money and now he is an author who teaches people how they can do the same.

Calling him just an author would not be fair because he is more than that.

Apart from writing books, he runs a podcast where he interviews different people, shares videos on YouTube and writes on his newsletter and blog, The Bootstrapped Founder

18. Jon Brosio


Jon Brosio is a creator who teaches other people how they can be successful creators and make money online.

His posts are about generating ideas, building a creator’s mindset and how you can improve yourself overall as a creator such as charging more for your services and products and people valuing that.

19. Alex Brogan


Alex Brogan helps his audience with a lot of things but we decided to add him in this category because if you follow what he teaches it’s guaranteed that you will become a better creator.

He has his newsletter Faster Than Normal where he learns different things and teaches it to his audience. But he also teaches how he was able to monetize his newsletter to 5 figures. And that’s why he’s on this list.

We did a case study about him if you want to learn more about him


The Best Fitness Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow

20. Alexander Cortes

AJA Cortes

AJA Cortes is in the fitness niche helping people transform their bodies and live their best lives.

He has been in the niche for more than 12 years and has sold more fitness programs worth 6 figures.

That’s how people love his programs and because they work.

AJA Cortes is more focused on creating programs than offering coaching for his clients.

21. Oliver Anwar

Oliver Anwar

Oliver Anwar is a fitness coach who is more focused on coaching and helping his clients one on one.

His posts contain different fitness nuggets that will help you get started but the real deal is in his coaching

22. Mackenzie Smith

Mackenzie Smith is a fitness who is focused on helping busy professionals lose weight and improve their mental state.

Her feed is full of fitness tips and healthy diets. A must follow in 2024 if you want to improve your health

23. Dan Go

Dan Go

Dan Go is an entrepreneur who built and exited a 7 figure gym business and he accredits all that to transforming his body.

Because of that, he wants to help people transform their bodies as well because he believes once your body is in shape then all other areas of your life will follow as well.

24. Renzel ODT


Renzel is a fitness coach who is solely focused on helping busy individuals over 30 lose weight with his 90 day training program.

His timeline is full of information how you can maintain your health as you get older and he shares even more through his newsletter.

25. Rob NBF


Rob helps busy dads transform their bodies through his 20 minutes workout system.

Rob knows his stuff because he was overweight and transformed himself and now he’s helping other busy dads do the same.

The Best Start-Ups Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow

26. Damon Chen

Damon Chen is an indie hacker who is bootstrapping his own startups. He created many startups before finally taking off.

After that he kept on growing Testimonial and creating new startups such as and others.

His posts are about how he’s building his startups and his learnings so that other can learn from him as well.

27. MicroSaaSGuy

This account has exited 2 startups and how he’s helping others to build micro startups and find buyers.

His whole thinking is based on the fact that you don’t need to build the next big thing. You just need a decent product that brings decent income and you can sell it for more. Repeat that a couple of times and you’re financially free.

If the idea of building and exiting micro startups is interesting to you then this is the account to follow.

28. Pieter Levels

Pieter Levels is one of the people who jumped early on on the trend of indie hacking and digital nomading.

The idea behind is that you build bootstrapped business without relying on VC.

He did a challenge of 12 startups in 12 months and before he finished the challenge one of his startups, NomadList succeeded and he focused on that.

Since then, he has built multiple startups. A lot failed but a few took off that bring him a lot of revenue.

29. Jon Yongfook

Jon Yongfook is also a founder who jumped on the 12 startups in 12 months challenge and before he finished the challenge one of his startups was successful.

He built and grew that same startup until he got another idea and created a new startup.

What you can learn from his is the power of focusing on one thing because unlike others, he does not ship a lot of products.

30. Marc Louvin

Marc is a serial entrepreneur who has built more than 17 startups. Most failed while the few which succeeded make him a lot of revenue.

His whole thinking is about building and shipping fast. If you notice some traction then you can focus more on that startup.

He also has a weekly newsletter where he shares different nuggets on building businesses and his audience get to choose what he writes about.

31. Ayush

Ayush quit his corporate job at Samsung back in 2021 to pursue freedom. With 24 months savings, he pursued different things. He failed a lot but he also succeeded.

What’s different about him from other people on this list is apart from sharing his own learning, he also studies how other successful business owners succeeded and shares it in his weekly newsletter. Ayush is a must follow if you want to learn and build your own businesses.

The Best Self-Improvement Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow

32. Ev Chapman

Ev was also one of those accounts that was hard to categorize. She talks about content creation, writing, entrepreneurship and much more.

But she’s in this category of self improvement because she helps her audience build personal knowledge systems that helps them take the knowledge out of their head and apply it in their lives.

Interesting right? Most self improvement accounts out there give out knowledge but not the application. That’s what Ev focuses on.

33. Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore is boxer turned writer turned entrepreneur. He’s in this category of self improvement because that’s what he talks about the most.

He grew up in an unfriendly childhood, got addicted and managed to turn it all around.

He talks about relationships, how to break addictions, building habits and much more.

Ed is one of the among the authentic accounts on Twitter.

And if you want even more insights from him, join his newsletter Stoic Street Smarts

34. Path To Manliness

Path to Manliness

Path To Manliness is a men’s account that focuses on improving and forging high quality men.

The posts are about self improvement and best quotes about living live.

35. Dan Koe

Dan Koe

Dan Koe can be categorized as a productivity expert who is focused on helping people use their brains to their maximum capacity.

His posts are about productivity and how we can do more with our brains

36. Save Your Sons

Save Your Sons

Save Your Sons is an improvement account that focuses on fathers and sons. To fathers, it helps to be the fathers and how they should treat their family so that his children can look up to him,

For sons, it’s about helping and preparing them for fatherhood.

It’s a good account to follow regardless if you are a father or not or if you are a male or not.


37. Kamilla | The Dating Coach


As the name suggest, Kamilla is a dating coach for men. Her mission is to help men dominate the dating world.

This is an area a lot of men fail and Kamilla is here to help.

What’s different about other dating coaches for men is that Kamilla is a woman, so she knows what women want. And that’s why she has an advantage.

Even if you are not interested in dating, Kamilla talks about other things such as personality, grooming and hygiene .


The Best Podcast Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow

38. Danny Miranda

Danny Miranda

Danny Miranda is the host of the famous podcast The Danny Miranda Podcast where he interviews people from different fields ranging from health experts, business owners & entrepreneurs and artists.

You can gain a lot by following Danny and his podcast

39. Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is the host of On Purpose podcast where he talks about health (both mental and physical), relationships and self improvement.

He hosts episodes where he’s alone talking about different topics and other episodes where has different experts as guest and they talk about the things they are experts on.

40. Andrew Huberman

Andrew Huberman

Andrew Huberman is a professor of Neurobiology & Ophthalmology at Stanford Medicine but he’s mostly know for his work on The Huberman Lab podcast where he talks about different topics about health and live solo and with his guests

41. Chris Williamson

Chirs Williamson

Chris Williamson is the host of the Modern Wisdom podcast where he invites different people to talk about different things related to living a better life.

42. Steven Barlett

Steven Barlett

Apart from being a business owner and investor, Steven Barlett is the host of The Diary of a CEO podcast where he interviews different industry leaders (not necessarily CEOs ) and they talk about different topics.

Just as other podcast accounts in this list, topic range from physical health, mental health, success and much more!

The Best Writing Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow

43. Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec is a ghostwriter who has written over 80 books for CEOs, celebrities, and entrepreneurs through his company Lisec Ghostwriting. On his Twitter/𝕏 account, he teaches about ghostwriting and mostly persuasion.

He focuses on persuasion because he believes that it is the center of writing. If you want to be the best-selling author, you need to persuade people. If you want to drive more sales, you need to persuade people. If you want more leads, you need to persuade people.

As you can see persuasion is needed in every aspect and that is why Lisec focuses on teaching it.

44. Pauline Riviere

Pauline Riviere

Pauline is a growth marketer and a ghostwriter who teaches about marketing and ghostwriting on her Twitter/𝕏 account.

Through her marketing skills, she got ghostwriting clients before she even reached 1,000 followers on Twitter/𝕏.

We covered how she managed to do that in this post.

45. Shreya Pattar

Shreya Pattar

Shreya Pattar is a writer and business owner who teaches people about writing. She has over 30k followers on Twitter/𝕏 but the real magic happens on LinkedIn where she has over 130k followers.

This shows how much she has mastered both LinkedIn and Twitter/𝕏 and now she helps others do the same.

Writing can open the doors to different opportunities as through writing Shreya got a chance to meet LinkedIn’s CEO. And this was before she had a massive following. It was only through her writing.

Now she is helping others open different doors to opportunities through her writing.

46. Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi


Niharikaa was a writer even before writing online where she wrote poems as a child. At some point, she found out that she loved teaching and even thought about getting a PhD but figured out that the Internet could enable her to teach without having it.

Now she is not only a writer with notable mentions such as Medium Top Writer and LinkedIn Top Voice but she is also a teacher through her different courses with the famous one being Summit 21, her cohort-based course where she teaches people about writing.

It only takes place 4 times a year and people love it. And for 2024 it will only happen 2 times and the number of accepted people has been reduced so she can focus more on helping her students.

She also teaches about writing on her Twitter/𝕏 and LinkedIn accounts

47. Dickie Bush

Dickie Bush

Dickie Bush is one of the top writers on Twitter/𝕏 and his posts are about different writing sub-topics such as copywriting, storytelling, and much more.

He usually studies different writing figures and companies and dissects what they do best that makes them giants in terms of writing.

Apart from that, he also helps people write online through his cohort Ship30for30

Dickie Bush is a must-follow for all writers.

48. Kieran Drew

Kieran Drew

Kieran Drew is a former dentist who accidentally turned into a writer when he accidentally went viral on Twitter/𝕏 back in 2021 when he started writing during the pandemic.

If Kieran, a dentist could turn into a writer then anyone can. And that’s what he is doing. He’s helping other people learn and become writers as well.

49. David Perell

David Perell

David Perell is a writer and podcast host of North Start Podcast.

He writes different essays on his personal blog and he teaches people how to write through his writing school Write of Passage

50. Julian Shapiro

Julian Shapiro

Most people know Julian as an investor through his company Julian Capital. But apart from that he is also a writer. He writes essays on his blog and newsletter both at

Unlike other writers on this list, most of them actively teach about writing. Julian only has one free course on his website about writing.

All his other posts are writings but not teaching about writing.

Julian is an interesting person to follow.

The Best Meme Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow

Dagobert Renouf

The Best Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow for Developers


Tony Dinh

Mike @ HTML All The Things

Jim Raptis

Tom Hirst

The Best AI Twitter/𝕏 Accounts to Follow

Sam Altman

Aadit Sheth

Greg Brockman


There you have it! The 50 best Twitter/X accounts to follow in 2024 so you can crush your goals.

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