5 Tips To Start A Ghostwriting Business on X/Twitter With Only 1000 Followers3 min read

Tips for ghostwriting

Pauline is a growth marketer and a top ghostwriter on X/Twitter.

Her ghostwriting journey started in 2021 during the pandemic and by the time she had just crossed 1000 followers.

Her journey on X/Twitter was not to post for likes but she treated it as her public journal. And when she joined Ship30, it was just to keep herself accountable.

Publishing online led to making friends, having interesting conversations and eventually ghostwriting for other people.

First, yes the follower number is a decent social proof. But what you write is way more important than that. Your timeline is your portfolio. The more interesting content you post. The more interesting people follow you.

With that said, here are Pauline’s 5 rules to be a top ghostwriter

1. Network

Pauline’s first clients were from the Ship30 writing cohort she took.

The cohort helped her make new connections & friends who reached out to her because she was writing great stuff.

If she wasn’t networking and making new friends maybe today she wouldn’t be a ghostwriter. Remember to put the social back in social media.

You are on X/Twitter to make friends and meet new people.

2. Decode your client and keep them in the loop

Don’t jump straight away to write on ‘Top 10 Illegal ChatGPT prompts’.

Instead, understand your client. Understand their voice. Understand their work. Get personal. This is the key.

Any ghostwriter can write a knowledgeable thread. Only a few ghostwriters can get personal.

Here is Pauline’s process of writing threads:

  • Initial chat to get to know her clients. Each client is unique.
  • Read their previous work (threads) to familiarize herself with the client’s tone.
  • Create the thread idea and hook. The hook is the most important part of the thread.
  • Write. While writing she ensures that the thread is skimmable and she injects her client’s personality and personal experience into the thread.

Don’t leave your client out of the your writing process. Work closely with your client to infuse their thoughts and ideas into your writing.

This ensures that the content aligns with the client’s vision and objectives.

3. Address Client Pain Points

Pauline strategically addresses 3 pain point:

1. The writing struggle

“I don’t know how to write on Twitter” or “I don’t have the time to write Twitter threads”

2. Stagnant growth

“I’m not growing on Twitter. I don’t know why”

3. Consistency crisis

“I don’t have the motivation to be consistent” or “I don’t know how to read Twitter analytics”

And she offers tailor-made solutions to these problems.

You too should dig deep and find your client’s real pain points and offer solution for those pain points.

4. Leverage your background

Your background and skills can be your ghostwriting superpower.

Pauline is a growth marketer and she has worked in many startups and scaleups.

Her background in marketing, interest in writing, and use of growth marketing framework made her ghostwriting unique.

Leverage your skills and let your unique twist shine.

5. Diversify your services according to your client needs

Initially Pauline only offered ghostwriting services. But as her client base grew, she expanded her business to offer more services.

This led her to offering engagement strategy and coaching services.

With the engagement strategy, she helped her clients:

  • Identify their target
  • Create and engagement plan they could follow

And with her coaching services, she helped her clients:

  • To be more consistent by pushing them
  • Understand numbers (Twitter analytics)

Don’t be afraid to expand or offer more services according to your customer needs.

You can find Pauline on X/Twitter and listen to the podcast episode she did with Yannick, the co-founder of Hypefury.

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