20 Tips for Power Tweeting through the Holiday Weekend

Holiday tweeting doesn’t have to be cheesy or difficult — here some ideas for holiday weekend tweets!

With the holidays around the corner we are looking forward to BBQ’s, relaxation and the opportunity to crack open a couple of beers with some friends while watching the fireworks. The last thing on most people’s mind is work, social media and staying consistent. This is also a popular time where we see a lot of posts that state “the hustle mindset is toxic”.

It’s only toxic if you make it! Sending out tweets during the holidays is nothing like checking work emails or doing the same old stuff from the regular workweek. You’re basically showcasing pieces of your life via Twitter! And if your life is just that cool, how is it anyone else’s fault? 

It’s very natural to want to take a break from social media as well and while that’s good in its own way, this can also be a time to engage people when they are in the mindset to relax and have fun! Twitter is always bustling during the holidays. With celebrity updates and pics, new marketing deals, and Twitter users who use social media for leisure purposes, think twice before passing on the opportunity to get some engagement during the holidays! 

Fireworks on the holiday weekend

Here are 20 tips to help you Tweet on a holiday weekend:


Take the opportunity to build trusting relationships with your followers by letting them into your life a little. Post pictures about your food, the place you’re traveling to, fireworks and all the fun activities you’re up to! Staying consistent does NOT mean tweeting all about work and your niche, you can totally deviate from it and still get great engagement! In fact you might even attract some attention from different communities! 

Support a charitable cause

You have a voice and a platform, regardless of how small or big it is — you still have one. A lot of people do not have this opportunity, so take the time to read into recent world struggles! You might be surprised by all the privileges you have. To help the less fortunate, share some local charities or raise your voice on the ongoing crisis! Use appropriate hashtags to raise awareness and get exposure to the crisis you are talking about. Normally we seek exposure to get more followers, today you will be seeking exposure to save lives. 

Coupons and discounts

Holidays are a great opportunity to send out discount coupons and drive traffic to your brand. This is a staple tradition for many huge companies to give out discounts during the holidays and it has never backfired! 

You can do this 2 ways:

  • Send out a mass coupon to all your followers through a single tweet
  • Or, send out a coupon via email to the people who are subscribed to you and send out a tweet will a call to subscribe now and get a coupon

Both ways are equally effective but you kill 2 birds with one stone with the second one — by promoting your newsletter! 


If you still aren’t convinced to stay online during the holidays then automate your content! Take a day out before the holidays and write up 10-20 tweets and set them up for each day you’re going to be off! 

Those tweets can be business related or just questions to get a conversation going, be as creative as you please. 

But rarely people interact with business tweets during the holidays so to be safe, ask questions! Make them as controversial as you wish or just opinions on holidays! 

Just remember to interact at least once or twice on the days you’re going to be off so your audience doesn’t start thinking of your account as a bot! 

Release threads on lifestyle tips

Just because you have a professional persona online doesn’t mean you don’t have a life. Share a thread with recipes, what to pack — or life-saving tips for getting through a summer heat wave — because God knows how badly we might need that this summer!

Your followers will appreciate a little lifestyle content! 

Keep the post super interactive and add appropriate hashtags to really raise your exposure. 

If you’re planning to stay consistent during the holidays, limit it to 2-3 tweets every few days but make those tweets very interactive and captivating! So include pictures within those lifestyle tips, use emojis and a very laid back language. 

If you want inspiration for this, here are a few threads!

Keep things simple

Just because you have to stay online doesn’t mean you have to post new content every day! You could just conduct a follow-for-follow for an entire day or repurpose some of your old tweets! 

Repurposing old tweets is a great way to stay connected with your audience and it’s very easy to do — especially with a little helping hand from a service like Hypefury. 

Hypefury has an evergreen feature that will cut you some slack this holiday season. It prompts you with some of highest-engaging prior tweets — which you can easily retweet!


holiday hashtags and cards in pink

People love to quickly jump on the bandwagon to hate on hashtags — until they see how well they’re working out for people who use them properly. When used appropriately, especially during the holidays, hashtags can increase your exposure and followers within a few days. Just remember to:

  • Limit them to 1-2 per post
  • Make them related to your post

Your customer service team should be available

If you’re a business owner or have any product that may require your customer service team, maintain some online availability. It’s the holidays. There are a few ways you can do this. 

  • Send out a tweet stating you won’t be available and all contact services will be answered after the holidays
  • Or as soon as there is a complain, send out an email saying you are working on it first thing after the season has ended 
  • Or just resolve it as soon as possible and send out a tweet stating the problem and how to fix it. 

Many major companies suffer backlash due to their poor customer services so you don’t want to neglect yours, even if it is for a very well needed break. 

Add a festive touch to your profile 

Just like major companies update their color themes to match the holidays, you can do that too! Yeah, there’s the whole debate on how you have to stay professional at all times, but give yourself and your followers a break and show them a bit of your fun side! Make your header red, white and blue, pin a tweet stating happy holidays and basically go all out. Your followers will appreciate your spirit and will interact with your content even more!

Show off your product

As mentioned before, people are more active during this time of year. And while nobody wants to talk business, it is okay to showcase at least one of your products that you’re most proud of. You don’t even have to market your product, just a little picture showing it off and what it does. To bring back the holiday cheer, end the post by wishing everyone a great and safe holiday! 

There is nothing wrong with wanting your numbers to grow during vacations! Especially since people are more likely to spend money during this time, so why not take this opportunity? 😉

Do a collaboration 

Reach out to brands and accounts so you two can work on something together during this time! Mix and match both of the products to create something amazing or keep it simple and just give a shoutout to each other. You can help out a small account doing this or collaborate with a much bigger account and gain an audience, totally up to you! 

Give a shoutout 

Who are some folks under 10k who deserve a good following? Give them a shout out and describe what they do in your tweet a bit. Not everything has to benefit you this holiday season, so help some people out a bit! 

Holiday ad 

Twitter has festive resources for advertising during any holiday season. These ads have always attracted a lot of attention and work pretty well in the long run too! During the holidays, Twitter goes an extra mile and advertises even more for you! So take advantage of this! Check out Twitter holiday hub for some advice. 

Tweet about your favorite book

books on a shelf

Although we are busy, people, you can’t just say that you have never read a book! What was that last life changing book you read? Maybe it was recent? Or maybe you read it as a child and can’t get it out of your head? Tweet about it!

Add an image of the book, write down why you liked it and add 2 hashtags related to it. You will open up your content to book-lovers from all over the world!

Bonus tip: Tag the author of the book to get on their radar 😉

Tag famous brands and the product of theirs that you’re using

Speaking of getting on an author’s radar, it’s time to step it up and catch the attention of major brands. Brands and businesses are more active during this time of year so tagging them with the product you are using will definitely catch their attention. For example: if you’re taking language classes from Duolingo, tag them on Twitter and how much they helped you or if you’re using Hypefury and love the automation, tag them, we are sure to reply! 

Tweet a picture of a bonfire 

There’s just something about a picture of a bonfire that’s very comforting. It feels warm and almost home like, it’s why they get a ton of RTs! They don’t even need a filter or a professional camera to look good! Just a very laid back picture with a quote as a caption or an emoji! Whatever works. It will help you get a ton of RT’s. 

Create a Spotify playlist of songs during this time of year

Any songs that are an ear worm during this time? Make a Spotify playlist of them! Label it anything that relates to a warm summery July. Your followers would love to listen to it and you can always keep retweeting it for a throwback Thursday! 

Create a master thread of all your threads 

When you want groundbreaking content without putting too much thought into it, a master thread is the way to go! Your followers can always come back to it from time to time and everything is arranged for them! 

It gives off a very professional vibe without having to put much thought into it and they get great engagement during busy seasons.

Go live

Send out a tweet that you’re going live and you can do this in 2 ways:

  • You can just take a minute and sit with your audience at home, answer some of their questions or just wish them a great holiday 
  • Or you can go live during your trip and show all of the things that you’re seeing, give updates about where you are and what you have been doing since the trip started

Both of these catch different types of attention, the first one will catch your loyal followers’ attention and business people while the second one catches the attention of tour guides, people who are always on the run or people in the perimeter of where you are traveling. 

Make a thread of all the activities you have done 

Ah, you’re back from your trip. The holiday hangover caught you? Well, by now everyone is online and buzzing so you need to tweet something fast! Just create a thread of everything you were up to the last few days and how you feel, add in a few pictures and some hashtags. And you can go back to sleep while your mentions blow up. 

While it sucks to be working on most days, you will thank yourself in just a few years! Social media can be pretty time consuming too so don’t feel bad if you have to take a break either! Just remember to have fun and stay safe… and that you can always set it and forget it with Hypefury’s automation tools.

Wishing everyone who is reading this a very Happy Holidays! Stay safe and enjoy the hottest summer of our lives…. Yet. 

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