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Why you should have a Twitter account

Twitter is an ever-growing social media platform with over 330 million users, sending upwards of 500 million tweets a day. Those are pretty big numbers, and if you aren’t already, you should be adding to them.

Twitter was launched way back in 2006, as a way to make it easier for people to stay connected. Its evolution while understandable in retrospect is beyond what most minds can probably grasp.

Twitter has rapidly grown from a simple text message-based type of communication platform into more of a micro-blogging service used by everyone from private individuals to brands and companies and even heads of state.

Twitter is where the world goes to share its thoughts, opinions, and views on virtually every talking point you can imagine.

It lends itself perfectly to an expression of thought, and you should make the most of the opportunity to share your way of thinking with the world.

Getting started with Twitter

Twitter is such a great platform because unlike other social media platforms the setup is super easy and you can be sharing and interacting with the ideas you like in no time at all. You get the option to use it either on your  Android or iOS mobile devices or via desktop.

Setting up a Twitter promotion is as easy and shouldn’t take you too long at all. You just follow prompts, provide the necessary information and you should be good to get Tweeting. It’s the sort of thing you could get squared in an elevator ride or while you wait on the microwave.

There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t on Twitter. After a couple of months, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having taken the leap sooner.

The benefits of having a Twitter account

There’s really no telling how much you could possibly achieve using Twitter. Given its vast user base and the ability to reach millions of people, your own mind is the only limit to what you can do. That is no platitude either.

Most people use Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news and social media trends, others use it to keep in touch with friends and family, and if you’re a brand or business you could potentially use Twitter to reach a whole new type of audience to share your products and message with.

If you’re after a fun, productive, and wholesome Twitter experience then a simple guiding principle could be to seek out and interact with value. Sharing great, quality content will help you build a solid following possibly even change your life. There is no better evidence of this than Jose Rosado, he’s used Twitter to change his life entirely,  build a comfortable living for himself and his family,  and grow a following of over 43k followers

Every time you tweet, you are talking to the whole world.


Here are some reasons why you should definitely start a Twitter account.

Creating online real estate

The world’s move to online communication and social media platforms is well underway and will only continue to grow as more people catch on. Starting a Twitter account would be a great way to start building up some online real estate. Having an account would allow you to interact with and share compelling Ideas with people all over the world.

If anything having a Twitter will allow you to build up an online profile. That profile could always be expanded to other social media, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and many other corners of the internet.

Sharing your Thoughts and Opinions

One of the major benefits of having a Twitter account is the ability to participate in and share your thoughts on any number of endless topics. Twitter Is designed such that you can share your thoughts and opinions and build an audience of like-minded individuals.

In an age when everyone is competing for attention having an outlet to broadcast your opinion is vital. Twitters allow you to offer your perspective and connect you with people that see things the way do. The ability to do this is significant considering how much power media houses have amassed of culture, beliefs, and thought patterns.

Connecting with different minds

Twitter’s 330+ million users come from all over the world, from all sorts of walks of life, and unless they are operating a private account it’s possible for you to interact with, learn from and get to know these people.

Twitter makes it possible to engage in meaningful dialogue with people from every part of the world. You can follow any user and over time come to find you’ve gained an invaluable amount of knowledge and perspective you might never have been exposed to. Easygoing in its nature, Twitter gives even the uninitiated an opportunity to express their views as long as they are willing to be respectful.

Brand building

With the ever-growing move towards online communication starting a Twitter account is an excellent way to ride the wave grow a brand or at least establish a following for yourself. The battle for influence will rage on long into the future and a Twitter can go a long to ensure you’re always able to exert your own measure of influence.

Twitter is a great platform for brand building and generating exposure for yourself and your products. The character constraint and ease of content output enable users to generate and share content with minimal effort. This means you can easily share content and become an authority in whatever niche or space you choose to focus on.


Twitter allows you the instant ability to network and create valuable relationships with interesting people all over the world. You can make a Twitter account,  create some sort of value for your audience and find that as you engage you’re creating networks that will create opportunities that extend far beyond Twitter.

So long as you’re making an effort to share some sort of valuable insight you’ll find that other users will begin to coalesce around you in an attempt to create a significant relationship with you. These can become employment opportunities, create awareness for your brand, or turn into actual relationships capable of totally changing your life. Such occurrences are not at all unheard of and if you’re willing to put in the work you’ll come to find that to be true.

Sharing your experience

This may sound a little bit like a cliche but it is entirely true there’s value in your experience. Creating a Twitter account can help you share how you experience the world and now more than ever that is an amazing thing.

You might think it strange but if you do it, you’ll quickly find there are loads of people that share your experience and value your insights.

Having the ability to communicate with the world and share your story about how you experience life is an amazing privilege. Twitter allows you, whoever you are and wherever you might be in the world to participate in discord on the global stage. It gives everyone the opportunity to have their voice heard and to build their own sphere of influence.

Growing your Twitter account

Twitter has problems

All social media has problems

The entire internet has problems

But you can take a phone, write a thought into it, and have millions of people read it within just a few days

That’s a miracle, and we’re living it every day

— Writing To Riches | Charles Miller (@WritingToRiches) September 16, 2020

Starting a Twitter account may seem a little daunting at first but there really is nothing to it. If anything Twitter shows us that there is room enough for everyone to express themselves.

Once you’ve taken the leap and started an account, followers will come naturally, because if you like it then somebody else probably shares your thinking. If you need a little help you get going then some helpful tips might be just what you need to unlock your account’s full potential.

As a list, this will be hardly exhaustive but if you follow it then your account will definitely see growth.

Be Authentic

Growing a Twitter account might be a challenge but it’ll go better if you commit to being authentic. Plagiarizing content and putting up a facade will only hurt your growth in the long run and it’s undoubtedly very little fun.

Add Value

Hang around Twitter long enough and you’ll notice people place a premium on value content. The best way to grow your Twitter account is by sharing valuable insights. Value comes in many shapes and that could be educational, inspirational, informational, or be in the form of relatable and actionable advice. If you add value to people’s lives you’ll find growing Twitter followers won’t be hard at all. Do it long enough and you might even find some value given back to you.


The whole point of Twitter is engagement with compelling people and ideas. If you want to grow a following quickly then you”ll have to find time throughout your day to interact with other people and give your opinion on the tweets you come across. This will give other users an opportunity to see what you bring to the discussion and how they might benefit from following and getting your perspective on the topics you share an interest in. Engaging could be anything from giving a like, retweeting, or commenting to shed light on how you see things, provide some context, or taking the discourse further.

Show up on the timeline

Growing a following invariably entails giving people something to follow. The best way to do this is by tweeting a couple of times. Tweeting regularly throughout the day will help acquaint people with your content and keep them plugged in to what you’re doing and sharing. It will also show people that they can rely on you for content. You can hardly expect to see any growth if you’re only ever tweeting once every so often. Tweets take up a little portion of someone’s day and if you show no interest in adding value there you’ll see no growth, conversely, if you are adding small bits of value to people’s day then that will be evidenced by your account’s growth.

Trying Hypefury

Hypefury was created to help creators increase their engagement, productivity, and returns from operating a Twitter account. It comes packed with a range of different features meant to help you with everything from crafting great tweets to growing and monetizing your Twitter account.

Hypefury will make it a lot easier for you to manage your Twitter account and its growth. You can give your Twitter journey a boost by taking advantage of the obligation-free 7-day free trial here.

Additional Twitter resources

We are constantly trying to help users get the most out of their Twitter experience and over and above pushing the limits with an ever-improving platform we have a collection of impeccable resources that will help you unlock your Twitter potential and give the creator in you the confidence to do their best.

Check out some of our resources below and pick out a few to help you along your Twitter adventure.

Twitter account growth

Twitter Growth Guide

Level up your Twitter game or get it off to a great start with this easy-to-understand and super actionable Twitter growth guide.

It features some of the most prolific Twitter users and creators you’ll ever across. In this guide are insights from –

  • Ed Latimore
  • LifeMathMoney
  • Chris Johnson
  • Yannick Veys, and
  • Samy Dindane.

The guide is absolutely FREE and you can grab your copy here
Twitter account and content creation help

Hypefury Presents

Hypefury Presents is a podcast meant to help you build and monetize your social media like a pro.

Every week we feature some of the brightest and sharpest creators out there to help you learn how you can chart your own path to Twitter and content creator success.

Subscribe and get the best insights from creators who’ve gone where you’d like to go and learn from the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

You can subscribe and listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

You can also follow us on @Hypefury and get updates when new episodes are released as well as up to date on any developments on what will become your favorite Twitter companion.

You can also check out our blog and read up on how you can make the most of your time on Twitter. We’ve put together a little reading list for you to go through. It’ll help you find you get the most back out of your time on Twitter.

Being able to voice your thought is a pretty awesome privilege. Twitter allows everyone the opportunity and that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s also worth noting that you get to do this entirely for free, and that is pretty amazing.

Having a Twitter account gives you the chance to increase your circle of influence, interact with minds around the world on any topic you wish and you can build a network of friends and followers that could potentially change your life 280 characters at a time.

So, if you’ve been wondering whether or not a Twitter account is you. That would be a solid yes. Go ahead and give it a go, we’ll come along and make the journey a breeze.

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Why you should have a Twitter account

Ready to Grow Your Audience
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Hypefury makes it easy to create, publish

and monetize your content across social media 

Join 3,500+ creators who are using HypeFury to earn online

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