How Alex Mathers Run his Coaching Business Online

Alex Mathers

Alex Mathers is a business and life coach for a range of people including freelancers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs.

Alex shares content on his X/Twitter account, YouTube channel, and he writes on Medium and his newsletter, Mastery Den. He has a total of 160k+ people who read his content

We asked Alex how he runs his business and here is what he had to say.

Let’s dive in!

1. Can you tell us about your business?

Right, so business wise, I’ve got my fingers in a couple of pots. I do primarily business and life coaching for a range of people. Primarily solopreneurs, freelancers, CEOs, founders of businesses, quite a range of people. I also make money through my newsletter, I have sponsors, I make money through paid memberships, through my Substack newsletter.

I also sell courses through my newsletter and I make money through medium commissions that are made through the articles I share there. I’m also planning to create a couple of creativity workshops. They’re coming up in the next couple of months. So getting a group of people together for a fee and larger cohorts are also in the pipeline. I’ve done a couple of those before, so that counts as part of my business. Basically coaching-teaching business, and also I teach and coach through the writing itself.

2. How does your business leverage social media?

Social media plays a pretty significant role in my business. I create content for LinkedIn, Twitter, a bit on Instagram, Medium, and that funnels subscribers into two newsletters. Actually, it’s one newsletter now. And the newsletter promotes my products from that point on. So yes, it’s quite, quite heavily.

I also use a bit of YouTube as well. I do quite a few and I’m planning on doing more videos on the old YouTube.

3. What are the main challenges that you were facing before using Hypefury?

Before using Hypefury, my efficiency at being able to get content out when I wanted it out was notably less. When I started using Hypefury, two significant benefits came, from using that software:

1. Being able to sit down in the morning and bulk write a few tweets, which I love doing, it’s part of my process now, I just write all my tweets in one and load them up. So they get spread out through the day.

2. I’m also able to add in my auto CTA that sits at the end of some tweets when they get popular enough to promote my newsletter.

And I also love the create element (the inspiration tab), which allows me to reuse some tweets and borrow ideas from other people too.

4. How were these challenges affecting your business?

My business was notably less efficient because I wasn’t motivated to get content out as consistently and with Hypefury I was able to just have this thing that, you know, loads up content which is a very important part of my business. I need that. Long term consistency.

It’s not just about spitting out a tweet whenever  it comes to mind. Sometimes that does happen, but Hypefury creates this backbone that allows for my business to be much more stream, much more consistent in its output, which in turn brings a consistent flow of subscribers.

5. What were your fears/doubts before purchasing Hypefury premium?

Right, fears and doubts before purchasing Hypefury was that I would not use it enough because I felt that I might kind of revert back into the slightly lazier approach of just whenever an idea came to mind I would just, you know, whip out my phone and post it. But of course that meant that I would have like three tweets within an hour and then nothing for the rest of the day, so it didn’t happen.

But my concern was that, I suppose, also that I wouldn’t make use of the money effectively and there were other competitors like Tweethunter might create additional ideas, but it never turned out that way and I lost faith in Tweethunter and I end up still using Hypefury

6. Did you consider other tools? Why did you pick Hypefury?

Yeah, so for question number six, I answered a bit of it in the last question, but hang on. I did, I think at the point when I considered using Hypefury, there wasn’t really anything around. Maybe TweetDeck and those are the ones, and I had used things like that in the past and I didn’t really enjoy them.

So I hadn’t. There wasn’t any strong urge to potentially go for another one. I knew of a couple of people already using Hypefury on X/Twitter and they were giving it good reviews, so I didn’t have much resistance in terms of going for it.

Why did you pick Hypefury? I picked it, I think primarily because of the good words that were coming from other people using it on Twitter.

7. How did Hypefury help you overcome these challenges

It helped me do what it says on the tin, basically, and I’m still using it for that. So, definitely, definitely making use of the create aspect in there. It’s been very helpful just to be able to load up in advance, tweets and threads and posts.

One thing that it is lacking at the moment is the long form stuff, which I would like it, because that is a bit of a drawback, but I understand that that’s like an API thing. And it’s also been helpful to go back into the history and actually repost some of my previous stuff. So, that’s another one, being able to repurpose that, I probably could have done, but in a much slower manner if it was done through my own Notion system.

8. What significant changes did you notice once you started using Hypefury

 So when I started using Hypefury, I noticed a significant uptick in my engagement because I was sharing not only good tweets based on ideas I was getting from the inspiration tab, I was also sharing tweets throughout, you know, spread throughout the day at the right times. I was also conscious of when the right time was to tweet, so that was benefiting, which I wouldn’t have had, had I not been using Hypefury.

I was seeing more signups for my newsletter because the auto plug element was able to pop up when a tweet got popular, which was very helpful because when tweets went very well, they would attract the kinds of people that I wanted in my newsletter. So that was good. And it’s just allowed me to be more consistent and enjoy being able to put more focus into my other stuff, which has just generally raised the quality of my business.

9. How much time has Hypefury saved you? / How much money has Hypefury helped you make?

There’s a lot more, so for question number nine, there’s a lot more optimising I could do. I’m not the best in the world at rigging up the highest quality offers and really making the most of that and there’s a lot of work for me to do on that. But I would say that in terms of time saved, it’s certainly in the double digits of hours every month. And in terms of the money  that it’s been helping me make it’s a few grand a month easily from the work that it does to keep me relevant on social media, get clients through the door and get subscribers into my newsletter, which I’m then turning into income.

So two or three grand at least, but there’s a lot more work for me to do on optimizing that.

10. Which Hypefury feature do you use the most and why do you love it?

Hypefury feature I use the most is the queue, you know, queuing up posts, I think. Just being able to have three or four tweets loaded up in advance for the week or a few days in advance has been, has been my bread and butter. But as I say, the inspiration tab and also there’s a lot of opportunity. I tried sharing my Hypefury with an assistant at one point and that worked very well.

But I ended up going back to doing it myself, which is probably something I need to work on and change, but that was actually a very good, a good piece of the system too, you know, being able to share with your ghostwriter or your assistant is a great element in that as well.

This is how Alex Mathers run his coaching business on social media. You can find Alex online via his X/Twitter account, his articles on Medium and his newsletter, Mastery Den.

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