Is X/Twitter Dead for Beginners in 2023

Is X dead for beginners in 2023?

X/Twitter has been undergoing through a lot of changes since Elon Musk bought it. From charging for the blue tick to completely changing the name of the platform.

There is no doubt that there still will be a lot of changes as hinted by the owner Musk especially now that he asks for feedback on features from X users and implements them if they make sense.

One of the major changes that we’ve seen is X premium (paying $8/month for the blue tick and extra features). These extra features include long posts (posts longer than 280 characters), the ability to edit a tweet, reduced ads, and being paid by X/Twitter if your posts have high engagement (starting from 5M impressions) just to mention a few.

What’s even more surprising is that Elon Musk has hinted that in the future users will have to pay for X premium if they want to post on X/Twitter.

The question arises, is X/Twitter dead for beginners in 2023? In this blog post, we’re going to look at why X/Twitter is not dead and why it’s still the best place to be as a creator.

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Paying for X Premium ($8/month)

Do you need X premium as a creator? The short answer is YES! Not only does it give you a boost in the algorithm but you also get more features such as the long post and the ability to upload longer videos which is helpful if you are a creator. Elon Musk has hinted that X/Twitter may adopt a subscription model for it’s users, meaning that if you want to use X/Twitter you have to pay. If X/Twitter really becomes a pay-to-play social media, is it still worth it for beginners and new creators? The answer is yes and here is why

Why X/Twitter is Still Worth it?

Filter out low quality people

If X/Twitter adopts the subscription model, this means that all the spams and low quality users will disappear because it’s not worth it for them to pay $8/month.

X/Twitter will remain with people a few people who are serious about the platform.

You can get high-quality clients and customers and you can even meet like-minded business partners

Open source algorithm

X/Twitter’s algorithm is open source. So creators know exactly how they can play the game and win it. This transparency will attract many creators from other platforms to X/Twitter.

We won’t talk about how to win the algorithm in this post but you can check our other post on how the X/Twitter algorithm works

Be paid for your impressions

X/Twitter makes money from ads. And Elon Musk gives that money back to the creators by paying the creators with high impressions (5M impressions monthly).

You no longer have to just waste time on social media. It can actually pay your bills.

And getting started on X/Twitter is easy than other platforms because it’s a text-based platform. You don’t need any expensive camera gear to get started. Just your phone.

X Ad Revenue

Get in touch with influential people

X/Twitter still is the best place to get in touch with the people you admire and they can even reply back to you.

It may take a lot of work for the people you admire to get back to you on other platforms such as Instagram but on X/Twitter it does not take much work.

You just have to make yourself noticeable by replying to their posts quickly and after being noticed you can slide in their DMs. And X/Twitter DMs are built in a way that new messages get noticed easier.

Example one X account, NFT_GOD, was asked by Elon Musk on what he thinks he should change on the platform

NFT_GOD Elon Musk Chat

Recommend features

Elon Musk has been closely listening to what the users want and if it makes sense, they add it to the platform.

It’s not once or twice that X/Twitter have added features based on users’ feedback.

Example: an X user, levelsio, recommended features twice and the X team built it

Levelsion feature request
Levelsio feature request


X/Twitter is not dead and it’s not going to be anytime soon. In fact, it’s the best place for creators to be right now. If you can afford to pay $8/month then you should invest on X.

If you’re not already on X/Twitter, now is the right time to join the platform. You can refer to our ultimate guide to X/Twitter marketing so you can learn more on how you can utilize the platform well.

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