Keyword search in DMs now available on Twitter5 min read

Search for any keywords in the DMs as Twitter now offers the possibility to do a proper keyword search and find those chats that match the searched query.

We all must have randomly searched for an Instagram post on the Google search engine by typing out little text/object about that particular post that we’d remember. And when the search results show up I don’t know about you but at least I laugh hard at myself. Sometimes, I use to even find myself dumb.

Till recent times, you would have got a similar result page shown if you searched for a part of your conversation with someone on Twitter DMs. and I must say, the experience is not at all hilarious in this context. Here I found Twitter even dumb when I couldn’t search for a simple conversation that I’d have on its own platform. SMH! And then I need to remind myself of the fact that I’m not on WhatsApp or Telegram. 

If you are connected with people on Twitter or have online friends you already know how cumbersome the process it is to search for a particular message is.

Twitter DM’s got new functionalities

But the Twitter DMs are now better. Yes, you guessed it and read the title of the article right, *sigh of relief*. This is only history now. Some of you and my complaints have been addressed! If you’re still a little confused, allow me to explain, earlier on, the maximum you could do on Twitter DMs was searching for a person you’d conversation with in the past. And that was it. No advanced search inside the chat or outside it. 

However, now with the help of the new keyword search system, you can find & get the evidence of your friend’s message once laughing at your joke to show & make them admit again that you’ve got a nice sense of humor, a great Twitter account, and everything in between. Through this new addition, you can search a specific keyword you’d used or type in your chat and get the results of them. 

This is perfect for you if you’re a creator or a small business or someone using Twitter religiously. Finding and retaining customers is already a big pain. And with this new functionality, you can analyze and find your conversations with your customers or potential customers. 

On Twitter, a common practice is to announce a free e-book, How-to content, online course, or something else that’s popular in your industry/niche. Through Gumroad, Notion, or the like. Something that’s useful and helpful to your target audience. Delighting your customer this way gets you a good impression on your tweet and profile by not only a boost but also by providing a list of users who might be interested in your detailed later paid product/service. Leveraging this exposure is important. A group of people out of them will be interested in your advanced product/service and hence to pay you. To track the number of such people and keep them updated this DM feature can be utilized. 

Do you want to save your time or have already got bored by copy-pasting a message on DMs individually? Also if you’ve not heard it yet, we at Hypefury not only give you the service of sending automated  DMs to hundreds of people who comment but also offer an end-to-end service to grow you on Twitter. We’re a social media management platform to make your boring work like these disappear. 

Easy recall

That’s it. Now you no longer have to worry every time when out-of-nowhere you recollect a particular conversation you’d had with a friend, acquaintance, or the like and want to recall what you’d replied to that person’s message. I remember almost having a nightmare of an experience when I use fail to find it. 

This feature will come in handy to you if you’re a small business, selling online courses on Gumroad or Notion page, or part of the content economy in any manner. Imagine the pain of not being able to find a lengthy reply you’d sent to your customer and now someone is asking a similar question. This feature is best to find your received orders or reviews, testimony, or to collect details on any specific topic. Of course, it’s beneficial if you’re there just for building your personal brand. To expand your network and retain details about a topic someone had shared with you in the DMs. Or constructive criticism.

The worst is when you recollect someone has asked you a similar question and you’d written a detailed reply. Find it easily now with this new keyword search addition in your Twitter DMs.

If you’ve come this far, let me tell you a new thing that you can use on the Twitter DMs now. From now on, you can pin your chats on Twitter DMs. And not just 1 or 2 conversations but 6 at a given time!

I’m waiting for the day when a feature is released wherein I’ll be able to search the GIFs or memes that I’ve shared on the Twitter app. Till then like me, you can use Hypefury for all your Twitter and other social media needs & wants. If you’re someone who always wanted to run their Twitter machine in full force, then don’t just consider checking but to even try out Hypefury. We have got a free plan.

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