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Twitter Marketing

Most people say they do Twitter marketing, but very few people actually take it seriously and devote time to understanding how it works, why it works, & how it can be done successfully.

Reading psychology & behavioral economics is one good way for it. Anyway, coming to the different platforms that one needs to use to market is an altogether different ball game. Every social media platform has a different set of dynamics that needs to be unlocked in order to receive some above-average engagements, conversions, and results. T

Twitter is a popular platform for marketing and if you pay attention to a bunch of things that have worked in past and happen to work right now as well then you’ll benefit multiple times than your anticipation.

Here is a list of 5 Twitter marketing mistakes that are often overlooked by new marketers.

Twitter Marketing Mistake #1 – Tweeting in the void

If you’re just starting out, then you know that even gaining your first 100/1000 followers is difficult. And if you choose to tweet only about yourself & your brand then you’re wasting your energy. Because you don’t have enough audience who will help you spread your message.

Therefore, even your best tweet might not get any attention. Start with commenting on popular accounts in your niche and try to see if someone loves your point of view and follows you. Do threads wherein you summarize or put the content of someone known in your industry. If they retweet or like it then you’ll be able to make your content go to more Twitter users.

A great idea could be to make your own personal brand on Twitter. And then once in a while or more regularly you can like or retweet your brand and make your audience aware of your brand. Later on whenever you launch a new product or something else your constantly growing following will help your brand to get recognized because of you.

Basically, you’re becoming the face of your brand in a way. Or brand ambassador if you may. If you have got a business partner or a friend then make sure to cross your followers and grow your personal brand as well. With or without this you should also try to grow together with someone who has some similarities.

Collaboration is your friend. It can happen by being a friend on Twitter with someone or making a friendship with a potential person. The leverage that both parties will get is massive in this case.

Twitter Marketing Mistake #2 – Positioning your brand (inconsistent brand voice)

A brand is very much intangible in nature. And content is one of the ways through which we try to portray and explain our brands. Therefore, the content that gets pushed by your brand account is a big reflection of how your brand is seen & perceived by others.

Consistent efforts with a similar tone can form a vivid picture of your brand. Whereas, if you only tweet when you get time or the content is not coherent in nature, then the audience will see your brand but will have a confused image of it. Which is more harmful. This creates friction and acts as an obstacle for your customers to form a connection with your brand.

However, it’s never too late to start aligning your content with the intention to position your brand & form a desirable image in people’s minds. Just like a human personality is developed, your brand style, tone, and goodwill can also be developed. If you’re interested in learning more about how to do this then keep reading.

Twitter Marketing Mistake #3 – Being serious & sticking to one format (use memes, gifs..not exploring, faceless Instagram accounts)

There’s a common saying in writing when it comes to good editing, it goes like this ‘kill your darlings’. This comes from the belief that we fall in love even with our ideas very easily. Even you might have noticed how once you start tweeting in a particular fashion you feel like you own it and loves it so much.

Breaking such patterns is hard. It’s hard for you to realize and nobody tells you. Mostly conscious effort is required to overcome this. And pretty soon account starts to become monotonous in nature. To the point that your audience is able to predict your content; and ignore it.

The goal should be to surprise your audience. Aim to try different things. If you rarely attach a picture, use gifs, or memes then use it a couple of more times.

By running this experiment you’ll see what’s working in your favor. Wherever you see people interacting more, double down on that format, and again be mindful to not fall in love with the type.

Twitter Marketing Mistake #4 – Competitions & giveaways (only talking about yourself(read: product))

Although it might be hard to believe the shown engagements on your tweets. If 200 people saw it, why does it have only 10 likes? But this is how it goes.

There are more people that see your tweet than those who like it. They just don’t like to like a tweet. But they secretly do love your brand. This could be a small or big number. And to measure this crowd once in a while could be to reward them. See it similar to getting dividends on your own stocks. Just like the stock gets exposed a little and gets a new audience your account will be able to go around a bigger audience.

A common belief is, that if you’re holding a giveaway, you’ll get 100k likes, sometimes you can get lucky but mostly you need an eye-grabbing content display of tweets on your account to entertain the coming audience.

Twitter Marketing Mistake #4 – Leveraging on trending topics

New topics and trends are forever things in social apps. Content around these status quo topics gets a bit more exposure than normal content. And Twitter is no different, hence with trending topics comes new opportunities to reach and get seen by a larger audience. Making content on trending topics is also a good prompt for you to generate content. And the hits that you’ll get making a content piece on a trending topic are always there for you.

In the end, don’t shy away from taking inspiration from the activities that you participate in on daily basis. When you indulge in your favorite activity like any sport or as simple as watching a movie, it can then act as an input for you. Because when you distract yourselves from the work and chill doing an activity, it helps you explore and see an interesting part in something which you can later on link and incorporate into your work.

How to position your brand in the marketplace

Now let’s come to the point of how you can use your content to position your brand in the marketplace.

The initial step is to create a narrative around your brand. A story consisting of the past, present, and future of your brand.

There’s a popular saying that if you tell about the feature of your product people will forget it. If you tell them the benefits of your product then they’ll question it. And if you tell them a story then they’ll share it.

Hence, put out curated content to address a few important things that you want your audience to know about your brand. Again, just to make sure we’re on the same page this applies to both, a personal brand and a brand as well.

Once your narration has started always try to be 100 percent honest in whatever you say or put out on Twitter. Because after the story people will imagine your brand in a certain way and after consuming your content or takes on different topics they’ll mold the beliefs they’d assumed for the brand.  And this can go upwards or downwards in no time.

You might have seen people buying expensive things even when an alternative with no difference is available for less price. Why do you think they do so? They care about the brand and want to support and see it succeed. At last, if you’re not already using a social marketing management tool to help you keep sane from organizing content for your social media then check out Hypefury. Not just automation, but it will help you in a big way with your product/service sales and even in generating tons of content. Making your creative block a hard time to appear again in your life.

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