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As of this writing Twitter is currently experimenting with tweet scheduling in the Web interface (on in your browser). Up until a few weeks ago I was part of the experiment and could schedule tweets from my browser. But you’re probably like most people: you can’t do that yet. You need an alternative.

There’s one great free alternative: Tweetdeck. There’s an even better alternative: Hypefury. We’ll talk about both.

Tweetdeck is an official Twitter app that makes your life on Twitter a lot easier. It provides you an overview of different timelines. You can set it up however you please.

It’s designed by Twitter so also made to get you to stay on Twitter 🙂

How to schedule tweets with Tweetdecks Tweet Scheduler

You can either go to or download the Windows or Mac App (via the App store). Once you log in you can start scheduling tweets immediately.

1. Click the + sign on the top left to open the dialog box to create a new tweet.

2. Compose your tweet.

3. Click the Schedule button. You can now set a time and date for when this tweet should be scheduled.

If you’re in the current experiment on the Twitter web interface there’s no way to see what tweets you have scheduled when.

Luckily Tweetdeck does have this option.

4. Click the “Tweet at [date]” button to schedule your tweet 

5. Once you have tweets scheduled Tweetdeck will create a new window for you where you can see your scheduled tweets.

That’s how you schedule tweets for free!

Schedule quoted Retweets too

There’s one other neat trick you can do with Tweetdeck. It’s scheduling your Quoted tweets. Whenever you see a nice tweet and you want to add a comment to it but also share it to your audience you can use the Quote Retweet option. On Tweetdeck you can also choose to schedule that quoted retweet to be tweeted later.

What are the drawbacks of using Tweetdeck to schedule tweets?

The most important drawback is that you can’t schedule threads. You can only schedule single tweets. Most people don’t mind because they usually just tweet single tweets anyway.

There are more drawbacks though. If you want more engagement on your tweets you should be automatically retweeting tweets and scheduling retweets. Unfortunately Tweetdeck doesn’t allow this either.

Why should you use a paid Twitter Scheduler?

Most people are consumers on Twitter. They scroll through their timelines. Like, RT and comment on other peoples tweets but don’t really tweet themselves. If this is you then Tweetdeck is great for you. It’s a free service that works great and has all the basics.

If you’re a creator or an aspiring creator that looks at Twitter as a production machine you should upgrade your game and use Hypefury.

Twitter is great at sucking away your time. You need to up your game to get more juice out of Twitter. Both in tweet creation as in engagement.

That’s where Hypefury comes in. Designed to have you pump out tweet after tweet. Give you inspiration when you need it. Give you an overview of all the tweets you have scheduled and what tweets did great.

You can schedule RT’s of your own tweets and other people’s tweets. You can automate the RT’ing of your best tweets. We call these evergreen tweets you can RT. Whenever you have an empty slot in your schedule we choose one of those evergreen tweets and automatically schedule and RT that tweet.

Plus there’s a lot more time saving and engagement increasing reasons why you should try Hypefury 🙂

Try Hypefury here.

Great Tweet Scheduler for Gumroad creators

Do you sell things on Gumroad? Would you like to make more money (while you’re not even online)? Use the autopilot sales feature.

We create a Gumroad sale FOR your whenever you want. You can schedule a sale to start whenever you like. That could be in the middle of the night to target your audience on the other side of the planet and wake up to money in your account.

How to schedule Tweets in bulk

If you’re a Twitter adept you could use Excel to create CSV’s you can upload to Hypefury. We created a simple Tweet Excel file you can download and use to create tweets in bulk. Just use 1 cell per tweet and only use the first column.

Whenever your tweets exceed Twitter’s 280 character limit your tweets are broken down into threads if you have more than 280 characters in one cell.

You can upload the CSV by clicking the three dots at the top of your screen and selecting Upload CSV.

Your tweets will be scheduled on the slots that are still free. You can use the “Shuffle my Tweets” option to, well, shuffle all your tweets. Some people create tweets on one topic and then move on to the next. If you don’t want to have 20 tweets in consecutive order talk about one topic you can use the shuffle option.

Twitter advertisers can also schedule tweets via the Ads interface

This is probably not really relevant for most people but if you have an ads account. Only after you’ve gone through the initial setup of Twitter ads and have created your first campaign you’re able to schedule tweets through the ad Interface.

1. If you have an Ads account just click the blue button on the top right.

2. Compose your tweet

3. Deselect the “Promoted-only” select box. (You want this to be an organic tweet)

4. Click the downwards pointing arrow and select Schedule tweet

5. Select a time and date when you want your tweet scheduled to be tweeted

There you have it!

Schedule your tweets for free with Tweetdeck or if you advertise on Twitter, with Twitter ads.

Schedule your tweets like a pro with Hypefury. Try it our Today for free!

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