How to Grow Your X (formely Twitter) Followers Organically and fast

How to grow your Twitter followers organically - Hypefury

How to get more followers on Twitter Growing your followers on X is easier said than done. Some people created their accounts a long time ago but their only followers are their school friends. And there are other who joined X in less than a year but they already have more than 10k followers.  You’re […]

5 Tips To Start A Ghostwriting Business on X/Twitter With Only 1000 Followers

Tips for ghostwriting

Pauline is a growth marketer and a top ghostwriter on X/Twitter. Her ghostwriting journey started in 2021 during the pandemic and by the time she had just crossed 1000 followers. Her journey on X/Twitter was not to post for likes but she treated it as her public journal. And when she joined Ship30, it was […]

The Best 50 X/Twitter Tools to Use in 2023

The best twitter tools to use in 2023

X/Twitter is still the best social media platform in 2023. This is because of several reasons, including the availability of blue checkmarks to everyone and the open algorithm, just to mention a few. But using the X/Twitter client alone isn’t enough to tap into the full potential of X/Twitter. To get the most out of […]

How to add a newsletter sign-up to your Twitter profile

How to add a newsletter signup to your Twitter profile

Twitter is a great platform for building your audience, but if you want to connect and engage with that audience, a newsletter is your best bet for a medium you have full control over. This article will cover everything you need to know about how to easily promote your newsletter on your Twitter profile. How […]

Deep quotes you can use for tweet inspriations 2023

Deep quotes Twitter inspiration water wading

As basic as it might sound — eternal, evergreen quotes that either make people laugh, carry profound meaning ,or tug at the heartstrings can be a powerful tool in creating a tweet that goes viral. These kinds of profound statements are key to going viral and super-charing your Twitter marketing. Deep quotes are a profound part […]

Twitter trends: How to use what’s trending on Twitter to explode your audience

Twitter trends: How to use what’s trending on Twitter to explode your audience

Twitter has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to catering to the audience’s sentiments. The platform’s features are designed specifically to entertain interesting conversations. The feature at the top of this list is the trends feature. The entire Explore page ensures that users are up to date with the trends and relevant […]