Using Notion for content planning — Hypefury’s Top 5 Tips

Using Notion for content planning

Notion is a powerful tool for maxing out your productivity and getting insanely organized. For content creators, Notion is perfect for making sense of everything that goes into the creative process. It will help you increase your content output and transform how you keep up with the constant demand for new stuff. In this article, […]

How using an alt Twitter account can help you grow multiple brands

alt twitter account

Separating brands on social media through alt accounts can help you keep your offers and audiences focused Twitter’s status as an audience-building platform is undisputed. It’s one of the best platforms for new creators to share their craft and grow their audience and brand. But, one of the most underrated aspects of Twitter is how […]

Beginner’s Guide to BeReal, the new French social media app

BeReal is pictured on a smartphone - the new social media app

Can you imagine a social media that force you to show yourself to your followers just as you are in a precise moment without any previous warning? Well, buckle your seatbelt because BeReal will make you share the backstage of your day-to-day life.     BeReal is the new trending app in the social media […]

Just TikTok it! How Gen-Z is using TikTok as a search engine

TikTok appears in the search engine bar of a browser

  A DANCE app transformed into a SEARCH ENGINE by Gen-Z? Who would’ve thought? But it does make sense though.  With the number of ads we are seeing on Google, it wasn’t long before that search engine reached its own expiration. Back in the day when people used Yahoo, the number 1 complaint that flooded […]

Why Qatar World Cup will be a historic event for social media

the physical World Cup is hoisted under a banner about social media in Qatar World Cup

Why Qatar World Cup will be a historic event for social media   As Covid passes, the world is slowly going back to normal. Resuming all activity hasn’t been easy and with the recent crashes, it does look like we will be hitting a recession soon!  But before that happens, we do have a great […]

Engage your LinkedIn audience — create an online course

a desktop with laptop, coffee, phone and paper awaits an engaged linkedin audience

LinkedIn is the fastest-growing writing platform on the internet. It’s the latest wave for individuals and businesses looking to expand their reach and establish themselves as experts to a different audience. Another wave that has been on the rise is the search for educational content. With things going back to normal, and work culture evolving […]

How contests and giveaways can grow your social media audience

pink gift boxes under a banner about contests and giveaways

How contests and giveaways can grow your social media audience A plague on social media that you can never escape is contests and giveaways. Every time a tweet is posted announcing a giveaway, you can almost see the eye roll over the internet. But are they really all that bad? Giveaways have been given a […]

5 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Content: Plus, Introducing The Twitter Archive Uploader

a person whose face is unseen repurposes content on their laptop

Consistently publishing great content is the key to growing and maintaining a satisfied audience. But, that gets harder the longer you stay in the game. After a while you start to feel like you’ve said everything there is to be said and ideas don’t flow as freely as they used to. That’s where repurposing content comes […]

Summarizing a podcast episode you liked is a great template for a Twitter thread

a podcaster summarizes a podcast they liked while looking at a computer screen

Writing threads is the fastest way to grow and make your mark in the Twitterverse. Quality threads display your expertise, share incredible value, and show that you are worth some attention. The problem is that shipping fantastic threads one after the other gets exhausting. And, you can only write about so much before your ideas […]