Scheduling Tweets: How to do it for free – like a pro

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When this article was first posted Twitter was experimenting with letting users schedule tweets on their Web app. I was lucky enough to be part of that experiment but like most people, you likely were not.

Having a great way to schedule tweets, share your thoughts, and get your brand’s message out there is vital to growing an online presence. It’s something you should be quite invested in, and luckily for you, there are several great alternatives for you to consider.

Going forward we’ll keep you up to date with all things Twitter (including tweet scheduling and automation) but for now, we are going to explore two ways you could be scheduling tweets, promoting your Twitter account, and conquering that almighty time suck.

So, what are your options?

First, we’ll look at Tweetdeck, and then we’ll go through why you should consider a paid option, in the form of Hypefury.

Tweetdeck is the official Twitter app designed to help you share your tweets a little bit easier (to be honest, we’re spoilt). It gives you command over many different timelines and you set it all up whichever way works best for you.

A tweet scheduler should give you a moment’s rest from your Twitter but with TweetDeck that doesn’t quite happen. The app is just one more way to spend time on Twitter. No surprise there, it is designed by Twitter after all. Slightly counter-intuitive but, oh well.

Hypefury on the other hand aims to make your Twitter experience as rewarding as possible. And this is no crummy sales pitch stuff. If you’re looking to up your productivity, get more engagement, or size up your Twitter real estate then it’s a no-brainer. You can sign up for a free trial here or at the bottom, either way, you won’t regret it.

For now, let’s get after it.

Scheduling tweets with Tweetdeck

Scheduling tweets is a pretty straightforward experience, with TweetDeck you head over to or download the Windows or Mac apps.

Once you’ve gone through the app setup you log in using your credentials and BOOM! Just like that, you are scheduling tweets.

Here’s how you get it done.

  1. Click on the + sign on the top left to open the dialog box to create a new tweet.

new tweet tweetdeck

2. Compose your tweet

3. Click the Schedule button and select a time and date for the post.

schedule tweet tweetdeck

4. Click on the “tweet at [date]” button to finish scheduling your tweet.

schedule tweet

5. Once the tweet is scheduled, Tweetdeck will create a new window allowing you to view your scheduled posts.

scheduled tweets tweetdeck

And that’s it.

That’s how you schedule tweets on TweetDeck and it’s all completely free.

Scheduling quote RT’s

One pretty neat trick TweetDeck’s got to offer is the quoted retweet function. It’s pretty cool if you come across a tweet you’d like to comment on but also want to share with your audience to maximize your benefit.

The quote retweet option will let you retweet the original post but also give you the option to select when that retweet will be shared.

schedule quoted tweet

What are the drawbacks?

Besides being designed to have you end up spending your whole day on Twitter, what else isn’t so great? There isn’t a whole lot — but there are some glaring issues.

Firstly, you’d think the next logical step after scheduling tweets would be scheduling threads but apparently, it’s not. The guys over at Twitter don’t seem to think that scheduling threads is part of the natural progression for a tweet scheduler. For now, it’s one tweet at a time — and that’s it. I could write a whole thread about why that’s just wrong but I wouldn’t be using TweetDeck.

Just one more issue, or, let’s call it an observation. If you’re after engagement for your tweets then keeping them in circulation is a must, especially with the algo trying to stick it to you. Giving your content a second life with automatic retweets and scheduling retweets is a must if you’re going to amp up your account but apparently, that’s one luxury too many (maybe not so spoilt after all).

TweetDeck won’t let you automatically retweet content or schedule retweets for your content, and in our books, that’s no Bueno.

How to schedule tweets on mobile?

The short answer is: you can’t. Tweetdeck isn’t available on mobile and neither can you schedule tweets in the native Twitter app.

You can use Hypefury to schedule tweets AND threads on mobile. You can go to on your mobile and just log in with your Twitter account.

Enter Hypefury

Hypefury is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a lot of energy, hype, and impact for your Twitter account.

If you’re serious about this thing called Twitter then Hypefury is where you want to be pumping out your content from.

The thing is most people are on Twitter just consuming stuff. If you’re a content creator that’s a great thing, and you have to be able to take advantage of all the likes, comments, and retweets people have to give.

Hypefury helps you get your content where the engagement is. That could be just pure brand awareness and account growth or it can be part of the larger picture as in sales, signups, and leads.

Twitter can be a lot more than just a time suck, with the right tool it can be quite a lucrative opportunity. We help you level up your Twitter game so running your account is a whole lot more fun, productive, and profitable.

Using Hypefury

Getting started with Hypefury is super easy. All you need to do is sign up for an account and you’ll be good to go. You could even get started scheduling tweets by setting up a free trial and exploring what you can expect from the paid plan.

Once you’ve logged in with your Twitter details you’ll land at the dashboard and you can start churning out that premium content your followers love right away.

The straightforward UI makes it one of the best, if not the best scheduler you’ll ever come across. Personally, I like to use Hypefury in dark mode just because the steely black and blue get me in the mood to drum out tweets but you can choose to go for the cool and clean white if that’s what gets your gears turning. You can easily whichever mode you are in the mood for by going into your settings and changing between modes.

And here is how the magic happens;

  1. Click on “What would you like to share?”

hypefury dashboard

2. The composer will pop up allowing you to create a post.

3. Once you’ve created your post you can select a time and date to share it.

setting time for scheduled tweets hypefury

And there you have it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy hey? Scheduling your tweets really couldn’t get any easier than that.

functions saving posting

Once you’ve got your time locked in, you scroll to the bottom of the composer and choose whether you want to post directly to Twitter, save the post to your drafts, or add it to your queue of tweets.

scheduling via drafts

You can also choose to schedule your tweets from the drafts tab by clicking on “Compose a Draft” and creating your post. Once you’re done you can just save the draft for later or add it to your queue of tweets ready for posting.

You also get the option to share your post to your Instagram using the Insta-shot feature.

Unlike most other schedulers, Hypefury lets you choose if you want your tweets automatically retweeted once they pass your preset engagement thresholds. This will help boost your engagement and it will give your tweets a second life, helping them stay in circulation a lot longer.

You can even choose to add follow-up tweets to your main post allowing you to sell your products, collect signups, share links, and much more once your audience has warmed up to your message.

One more feature that sets Hypefury apart from the rest is its ability to let you schedule threads in a fast and easy way. you just copy whichever text you need to convert into a thread, paste it into the composer and Hypefury will do the rest. Your thread will be converted into a thread allowing you to schedule and post it just like you would a single Tweet.

After your tweets have been scheduled and posted you can take your scheduling a level up and mark your best-performing tweets as Evergreen tweets. This will allow us to occasionally retweet your highly engaging or classic content back onto your timeline. Evergreen tweets are proven to increase engagement and they’ll save you from rifling through your tweet library every time you want to share your best content.

Scheduling tweets in bulk

If you’re super Twitter-adept or you’re working with a social media template to constantly churn out tweets for your account then you’ll be happy to know we also let you schedule your tweets in bulk.

You download and use our simple Tweet excel file, create your Tweets bulk, upload the file and we’ll do the rest. Your tweets will be added to open slots in your scheduling queue and you can just log in to rearrange them should you feel the need. You just have to remember to use 1 cell per tweet and limit them to only the first column.

You can also bulk schedule threads using a CSV upload. Whenever your tweets exceed the 280 limits per cell in the spreadsheet they will be automatically scheduled as threads making sure your message is shared how you intended it to be.

To upload your CSV file, you click on the overflow menu at the end of the “What would you like to share” bar and select “Upload CSV”

hypefury csv upload

The overflow menu will also give you the options to shuffle your menu, move all the tweets in your queue to the top and you can use it to clear your queue up for some new content.

Selling on Gumroad with Hypefury

One of the coolest things about Hypefury is its proximity to “Money Twitter”. Many on the creative team use Twitter to generate passive income for themselves so we understand just how important it is to simplify increasing your tweets’ reach and your ability to monetize your account.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to take the leap and start earning from your time online. It’s a move you won’t regret and if your followers love your content they will hop at the chance to show you some love.

Hypefury supports use with Gumroad and you can expect more integration with similar e-commerce platforms allowing you fully monetize your Twitter presence

At the moment many of our users are able to generate passive income simply by taking advantage of Hypefury’s capability to run automated Gumroad sales.

You set up sales for your info materials and other products on Gumroad and will let the people know. Once you have your product picked, you select the parameters for the sale and will automate everything else to free you up to do as you please with your time and watch as the bucks as they roll in.

gumroad autopilot sale

You could set up sales to run while you’re at work, or even target your audience on the other side of the world to make some dough while you sleep. Whenever you feel like it, will help you make some extra cash from your Twitter account.

We already have such a tremendous impact on our users’ productivity, time management, and financial freedom it’s hard to believe just how much more will transform their lives as more relationships and integrations are built.

And there you have it.

Now you know how you could be scheduling tweets for free or like a master Twitter sage. If you ask us, it’s not really a choice but it’s over to you now.

If you’re looking to take your Twitter game up a notch, get your engagement numbers through the roof, and take back control of your time then you want to be scheduling your tweets with Hypefury. The clean and simple UI is designed to make getting the best tweets out of you a breeze. You’ll write better, connect more clearly with your followers and you’ll never have to worry about falling into the time sink again.

We make scheduling your tweets an effortless and ultra-productive experience. You’ll get more done, reach more people and you’ll get a lot more back out of your time on Twitter.

Give Hypefury a whirl with our no-obligation 7-day free trial and find out why it’s the last tool you’ll ever need for managing your Twitter account and growing your audience. And the awesome part is, it gets better every day and you can help us build the perfect tool for you by sharing your valuable insight.

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