Twitter Toolbox: 32 Tools That Will Improve Your Twitter Experience

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Having the right tools to work with makes whatever job you’re trying to do a whole lot easier. From brain surgery and manning a spaceship, to something a lot less complicated like just managing your Twitter experience. Getting your hands on the right tool always means a better result and, if you’re lucky, even some fun while you’re at it.

Every day Twitter offers us the opportunity at nearly limitless interaction with the most interesting and cool people that it’s kind of hard to imagine it could get a whole lot better.

Well, it could, (we’re a spoiled bunch). Whether you’re just looking to kick it and pass some time, trawling the timeline trying to learn something or you’re on Twitter professionally. Whatever you’re using Twitter for there’s a tool out there designed to make you have a better time at it.

We’ve put together a list of amazing tools that will improve how you use your Twitter, making it less of a time sink and more of a fun and productive experience.

If your faves didn’t make the list then let us know what they are and why you love them. We went for the ones we think are the best. But, no doubt there are a few hidden gems out there and we’d love for you to tell us.

Native Twitter tools

We’ll begin with some tools that you can start using right away with just your Twitter account and then we’ll get into all the other tools you can use.


If you’re serious about your Twitter account the numbers and data behind your account are something you’ll want to stay on top of.

Twitter’s Analytics help you track how well your account is doing by giving you’re a wide range of data on your followers; your tweets; the engagement you’re receiving on them and a whole lot of other useful information.

If you are growing a brand or just looking to improve the impact of your Twitter account then giving your analytics a browse is a must.

Advanced search

Looking for great content can be quite the hassle but Twitter’s advanced search makes finding what you’re looking for a much easier time.

Advanced search makes doing research and trawling Twitter for really the best tweets a breeze. You can find just about anything you’re looking for by giving advanced search a spin.

If you’re a content creator or marketer looking for ideas or your timeline is just running dry it shouldn’t be too long before advanced search changes that and we’ve put together everything you need to know to use it.


A great way of keeping track and viewing all the amazing content that ends up on your timeline. Bookmarks let you save posts so you can revisit them whenever it’s more convenient for you to go through them.

Personally, I like to use my bookmarks for interesting blog posts or the occasional gem of thread that shows up when I don’t have time to be doing any more than just sneaking a peek at my timeline.

Helpful hint, if you’re going to use your bookmarks be sure it’s for content you really like otherwise that tab will quickly turn into a graveyard for old forgotten tweets. It’s really annoying having to sit down and clear it out (spare yourself).


Perfect for managing your engagement and controlling where your time on Twitter goes. You can use your lists to stay up to date with all the people you’re interested in without having to rummage through your timeline to find their content.

The great thing about lists is you can have as many as you want and you don’t even have to be following the people you add to them. If you’ve got too much going on in your follow list then lists will start to bring a little order to how you engage with others.

Going through your lists instead of scrolling through your timeline is a great way to avoid distraction get the content you were hoping for when you logged in.

The Toolbox



Bitly lets you create custom links to help share your content. The links are great for building brand awareness and inspiring trust among your followers.

If you’ve got products and services outside of Twitter then Bitly is how you want to be sharing them with your followers.

Custom links boast higher click-through rates than standard URLs and the analytics you get for them will help you generate better content and marketing strategies to boot.


Bluenod is a visualization tool that helps you track the most influential people on any keyword or topic. It will help you share more targeted content with your followers and show you how you could go about growing your circle of influence.

If your networking needs a boost or you’re thin on ideas then Bluenod is what you need. The lists you can curate with it will make sure your timeline is always full of the most relevant and inspiring content.


Buzzsumo helps you find influencers worth working with and content that will reach your audience better.

It will stop your content from passing like a ship in the night. You’ll get insights and ideas on highly engaging content, and the analytics will show you what you could be doing to improve the engagement of your posts.

Buzzsumo also shows you where the trends you care about are and how you can capitalize on them.


Canva lets you create stunning designs and graphics to share with your Twitter posts.

Posts with graphics in them are great for capturing attention and with Canva’s help, you’ll get better at stopping people from scrolling past your posts.

If sharing images with your tweets is your thing, then you should be using Canva to create highly engaging, quality imagery for your account.

Content studio

Content is designed to help you find the best content to share with your followers. If you need a hand-sharing post your followers will love then give the content studio a spin.

The content studio will help you create posts around the best insights available for any topic or keyword and you’ll get analytics to see how appealing the content you’re sharing is to your audience.


Followerwonk is analytics that will give you almost any insight you can think of about Twitter users.

You could use it to help improve your understanding of the audience you want to reach or have it help you do some recon on your competition.

The analytics you get from Followerwonk will optimize your content strategy and the methods you use to connect with your followers. Give it a try, and let us know what you think.



Gumroad is an eCommerce platform that helps creators sell their products to their audience in the easiest way possible.

Gumroad will help you turn your time on Twitter into a profitable experience. If you’ve got some knowledge to share then Gumroad will help you make some money back for the value you bring to your followers.

You can also use Gumroad with Hypefury and automate your products sales as you schedule tweets for your Twitter account.

Together with Gumroad, we’re making it easy for users to make bucks off their Twitter, and you could be making some too.


If your timeline gets to be more of a distraction than you can stand then you should try using hush to go through your timeline.

The creator says it will help you follow your favorite people without any noise and we couldn’t agree more. Hush lets you create a list of users whose tweets you like and lets you view their tweets in a distraction-free setting.

Hush is super easy to use and is a welcome change from the chaos that can be a Twitter timeline.

I love it and you will too!!!


No list of Twitter tools is ever complete without a mention of the best automation platform you’ll ever see.

We make sharing content with your followers as simple as it gets and amplifies it to give you the best reach possible on every tweet that hits your timeline.

If your engagement numbers need a lift or you’re looking to build an online brand then we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to make your life on Twitter a whole lot better and to give you, the creator, the best platform for sharing your message so the right people get it.

We let you automate and schedule your tweets so you can step away from your Twitter and still be connected with your audience. You also get a host of tools to help you reach as many people as possible and achieve your Twitter goals.


iTrended is a Twitter tool that helps you find everything you need to know about trends on Twitter.

It gives you heatmaps on keywords and topics allowing you to see exactly when and where the trends that matter to your brand are taking place. You can study and find info on any trend of your choice as far back as 2009 and get data exports to use in your reports, content strategy or as an aid to your marketing.

Your first trend report is free, so go give it a shot and see how you could be capitalizing on the trends all around you.


Klear is designed to help your brand grow and scale your influence on social media, including Twitter.

It will up your marketing and show you the best influencers to be working with. If you need to make better campaigns or improve your reach then Klear will help you do that. You will also get analytics to help you manage and track how well your new content is performing.



Mentionmapp is a visualization tool designed to help you build your network and grow your influence through finding the best people to connect with.

Mentionmapp will show you what users are engaging within real-time allowing you to contribute to the conversation and position yourself as an authority on the topic.

You’ll also get to see which people you should be reaching out to on the topics that matter to you. Mentionmapp will also give you insights on which content is receiving low and high engagement allowing you to tailor your content to reach the highest number of people possible and grow your brand’s trustworthiness.


Manageflitter helps you make your time on Twitter productive in every sense. If you want to work smarter and faster online then Manageflitter will help you do that.

Manageflitter supports use with multiple accounts and they give you the tools to increase their growth and impact, curate the content they interact with, and share with their followers.

You also get analytics to help you understand your audience better and create more valuable they can appreciate.


Narrow helps improve your Twitter marketing and reach. It will help you build connections with the influential users currently speaking to the audience you would like to have.

Its tools will help you craft content highly targeted content designed to bring you the engagement and following you want for your account. You’ll also get analytics and insights on keywords so you know what is guaranteed to work and which content you’d do well to avoid.

Like the name suggests narrow will help you to zero in on the type of content that your audience will love and if you operate multiple accounts, you’ll be glad to know it supports use with more than one account.


Nuzzel keeps you up to date with all the news and trends in whichever industry you choose. You get updates on the latest things making the news in your niche so you’re never behind the curve.

If you live a busy life and you don’t have time to be rifling through feeds for news then Nuzzel will be quite the revelation. It lets you discover and curate your very own personalized newsletter so you can go about what you have to and stay informed about the topics that matter to you.


Periscope is a live video streaming service that can help you create more intimate connections with your Twitter followers.

You can use it to share more about yourself and your brand with your followers, giving them a chance to understand more about you than a tweet could express.

You can also use periscope to engage with content and broadcast from your favorite followers. If you prefer media to text then periscope could be the tool to elevate your Twitter experience.


Pixlr is a powerful photo editing that lets you edit pictures to share with followers right in your browser, and it’s all for free.

It offers you pretty amazing features like the ability to remove backgrounds from images easily and it all happens at super-fast speeds.

If you’re sharing pics to your feed then Pixlr can help you sharpen them quickly or help you get started with your content creation from their library of really cool images.



Planable is a free-to-use social media tool designed to help you share your social media content seamlessly.

If you work as part of a marketing team or you collaborate with influencers and other content creators then Planable will make it much easier for you to coordinate your process. You’ll be able to go from coming up with ideas to sharing your message much quicker and with less hassle in between.

Planable will improve your productivity and you’ll enjoy the process of sharing winning content a whole lot more.


Popsters is a social media analytics tool designed to help you get the insights you need to make better marketing decisions.

It will help you compare posts to figure out which content strategies will work best for your audience. If you need to know exactly what will work for your profile or your content hasn’t been receiving as much engagement as you would like then Popster will give you a hand with that.

You could even use it to compare your content with the competition and see how you could get the edge over them.


Hashtags may seem a little obsolete but that’s only because most people don’t know how to use them. RiteTag helps you find the best hashtags to use for your post based on real-time engagement.

It comes with a range of weapons designed to help you take on any marketing objective. You’ll get the very best recommendations for content you what to share, call-to-actions you’d like people to answer, or simple hashtag suggestions to get more people engaging with your content.

You could even use RiteTag as a supplement to your favorite publishing tool and get the added benefit of it to a platform you’re used to.


Socialbro (Audiense) from Falcon is designed to simplify your social media life. It will increase your engagement and give you all the analytics you’ll ever need to know how receptive your audience is

Its insights will help you with marketing strategy and content creation. And, the great thing about SocialBro is more than just helping you with your Twitter, you’ll be able to use it for all your other social media as well.

The easy-to-manage data collection that all ends up in one inbox makes this tool a winner if you don’t want to spend hours trying to keep up with what your social media is telling you.


SocialRank offers you a simple way to manage and connect with your Twitter followers.

It will show you your best and most engaged followers so you can connect with people that will bring growth and exciting opportunities to your brand. You’ll also get analytics on content so you’re always sharing the best content you can be with your followers.

If you love collaborating with other users then SocialRank will help you find the best influencers and users to be associating with. You’ll even have the ability to track and analyze their audience and engagement so you know if they will produce the results you need for your brand before you begin working with them.



SparkScore is an analytics tool designed to help you determine just how much influence any given Twitter account actually has.

Know how Elon can send Tesla stock to the ground with just one tweet? Well, now you can figure out just how much power an account wields in a tweet. SparkScore cuts beyond vanity metrics like the number of followers an account has and gives you insights on the level of influence an account has based on engagement and other concrete metrics.

You can use SparkScore to analyze your competition or help you refine your searches for influencers to work with. And the great thing is entirely free to use. It won’t quite give you stock market moves but you’ll learn who the power users on Twitter are.


TagBoard is the best tool to use if you’ve wanted to turn your social media content into highly engaging media in a simple and high-quality way.

It will help you find the best visuals to use from your chosen keywords and hashtags and turn that into the content you can share for your pages, in reports, or with your followers.

If your Twitter is a mix of text and media content or it’s a funnel to a blog or website then TagBoard will definitely increase your engagement and your ability to hold people’s attention.



Threader is a tool designed to make reading the threads you like a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

You simply mention them (@threader_app)  with the word “compile” in response to a thread you like and within minutes you’ll receive your thread read to read in an article format.

Threader also has a large library of threads that you can read and enjoy in your spare time. Reading threads doesn’t get any easier than this


Trendsmap helps you stay on top of all the trending hashtags and topics from around the world. It lets you analyze and visualize what is happening around any keyword, user, or topic that interests you.

You can even set up email alerts to receive notifications when the topics you are interested in pop-off or are receiving engagement. Trendsmap will help you share more relevant content with your followers and allow you to become a trustworthy authority to your audience.


TweetReach is a social media analytics tool designed to help you get insights on any number of keywords or topics you share with your followers.

You can use TweetReach to track keywords, sentiment and follow how other social media influencers’ content is performing. You also get a wide range of tools that allow you to follow hashtags and track your competition.

TweetReach is an all-purpose analytics tool and it will help you achieve whatever goal you set. You can trust it to help you with everything from increasing your reach and engagement to advising you on developing winning content strategies and staying informed about your competition’s moves.


Twitonomy is a simple, easy-to-use analytics tool for Twitter. The tools powerful analytics give you access to insights on any user’s engagement and performance on Twitter. You can even use it to do research on hashtags, keywords, and topics your followers might find interesting

You can also save and export your data reports to use for your strategy sessions or to help you create much more appealing content for your followers.

And there you go. Those are the 32 tools you could use to improve your Twitter experience and monetize your Twitter account in a more efficient way.

Now you can create your own combination of tools to help you achieve anything from spending a lot less time looking for interesting content to sharing more compelling content for your account.

Let us know which ones you give a shot and which ones you’d have liked to see. You can never have too many lists and maybe your top pick makes the next one.

Now, pass me Philip’s head.

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