How to change your Twitter handle and username + 4 tips to help you get it right

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There comes a time in the life of every Twitter account when a little change is necessary. The profile pic will change and the bio will be worked over to send the just right message to every user that happens to visit the profile. Even the banner is not exempt from change. After all, it is if you will your Twitter account’s billboard; the gripping and captivating image that with one glance tells everyone what you’re all about. In this article though, we’ll look at how to change your Twitter handle.

Such changes are all part and parcel of maintaining a Twitter account capable of attracting new followers and exacting the right level of influence on your current ones.

In some cases, even your Twitter handle (your @) and name will need to be changed. This is your quick and simple guide to getting it done right.

Changing any part of your Twitter account signals some sort of change. A change in profile pic can signal a different type of aesthetic to your account or a change in the type of content people can expect from you. A tweak in the bio can show a move to attract a different kind of follower or mark a milestone in your journey. Nothing beats a milestone in the bio profile to hook newcomers.

Your Twitter handle and name are no different. Changing them should be done tactfully and as part of your growth strategy.

Why your username or handle is important

Your Twitter handle is important for one key reason, branding.

The name and handle you settle on are all part of your brand. It’s how followers and people in the Twitterverse will come to know you and refer to you. New followers will find you that, and that’s how your current tribe spread the word about you.

Think about it, with the mention of any word or niche your mind drifts to someone. Right then you remember their name or if you’re looking to show them some love their handle (@) will come to mind.

As you build a reputation, your name will become inextricably linked to it. That’s why your name and (@) are important. When people need help with something, they’ll know how to find you. They’ll know where to go looking. Even you have a list of names you default to when needing a certain type of content. The same is how people think about you.

Changing your names could mean all the people whose radar you were on can’t find you anymore. Worse, it could mean all your tweets getting scrolled past because people don’t know they’re from you. That be a real train-wreck for your engagement, at least until people have caught on to the change.

In this attention-deficient age, changing your names willy-nilly will hurt you.  Most people won’t go through the trouble of finding you. They’ll happily settle for what’s readily available. That could do significant harm to your account or at the very least stunt its growth.

A note worth remembering

You should think carefully about changing your names on Twitter. If you do decide to go for it, sending out some tweets updating everyone on the change could help you avoid some of the fallout of not thinking through such a significant change.

Keeping your followers in the loop will help everyone adjust to the change and allow you to achieve your goals for the changes efficiently. Even if you want to keep a secret, having everyone on the look can actually help you gain new followers. The hype and the suspense could mean added engagement for you leading up to the switch.

So how do you change your names? It’s pretty simple and you can follow the simple steps below to have it done in no time.

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How to change your Twitter handle on mobile

To change your username on mobile, open up the sliding menu to the left of your screen.

1. Select “Settings and Privacy”

How to change your Twitter handle

2. Select “Account” then “Username”

3. Type in your new username and click “save”

Your username will now have been changed and people won’t be able to find you using your old handle.

Changing your display name

To change your Twitter display name, click on your name at the top of the sliding menu to bring up your profile page.

From your profile page, you can make changes to your bio, profile pics, and add links as well any other info you want to show up as part of your profile.

Once you’ve opened up your profile page, you’ll see a page like the one below.

1. Click on “edit profile” just below your header.

Screenshot 20200925 103539

2. Make the changes you want.

Screenshot 20200925 103548 1

3. Once you save whichever changes you’ve made will now appear as part of your new profile.

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How to change your Twitter handle on desktop

Changing your Twitter handle and display name is as easy to do on your desktop as it is on your phone. To make any changes to either your username (@) or your display name simply follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go.

1. Click on “More” in the Control Panel to the left of your screen. The pop-up below will open.

How to change your Twitter handle

2. Select “Settings and Privacy” from the list of options

3. From the new window, click on “Username”

How to change your twitter handle

4. Type in your new username or select one of the suggested names available.

5. Click on “Save” and your changes will be done.

Changing your display name

That is how you change your Twitter handle. To change your display name, from the same control panel to your left you click on “Profile” as shown below.

Twitter name change

1. From your profile page,  click on “Edit Profile’ to change your username.

2. In the window that opens, you can type in your new name.

T2 1

You can also edit or add additional info about yourself from the window shown above. You add updates to your bio, change your header or add your location. You could even add a link to a website or your content outside of Twitter in your profile.

Things to keep in mind for your name change

If you do decide to change your username or handle here are some tips for you to keep in mind;

Keep it simple

The simpler your name is the easier it is for people to find and direct others to your content. A username like @danyboy156368832356 isn’t going to help any take you seriously or improve your chances at pulling followers.

Build a brand

Your name is part of your brand. You can’t change it every time the wind changes direction and hope to build a following. Your name goes a long way to telling what you’re about and why they should give you their attention. Name yourself accordingly; give valuable content and the people will follow.

Have some personality

Your name or handle is the first thing people latch onto when they find you. Incorporating personality and character into your names will help you stand out from the crowd. You don’t what to get lumped in with all the people that have a similar name to yours.

Tell people what you’re about

Another way to utilize your names is to share right away what people can expect from you. Including what you mainly talk about in your names will help draw followers to you and improve the quality of your audience. If they know what you’re about and they follow you, you can confidently count on some engagement from them.

Now you know you can change your Twitter handle or name so it has the positive effect you want for your account.

Whenever you do feel like changing your names have fun it. Create some buzz with it or leave people in suspense. Whatever you don’t just make the change and leave it at that. Have the people know and make a noise about it. Give them something to be excited about and keep them on the lookout for your content.

If you fail to do that your engagement will suffer and the plan you had for your swooping rebrand might fall to the ground. But that’s not something you have to worry about, not after reading this.

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