Twitter Ghostwriting: Turning Twitter into big business

Twitter ghostwriting

Twitter ghostwriting: The perfect side hustle for Twitter lovers, and how it can help you build an audience online.

Growing a Twitter account is one of the most rewarding ways to establish yourself online. It is an incredibly easy and efficient way to reach thousands of people at a time with your thoughts and views.

If you have something to say, Twitter is definitely the place to be if you want people to listen. Getting them to listen isn’t all that easy though, and some are definitely better at it than others. That’s where ghostwriters come in, and in this article, we’ll look at this spooky engagement secret and how it’s been used to turn Twitter wordsmithing into a business.

Ghostwriting on Twitter

Ghostwriters are behind-the-scenes writers that receive little or no credit for the content they write. Research shows that possibly half and maybe even more of all the titles on the bestsellers list at any given time feature the work of a ghostwriter.

Conventionally, these people work with heads of state, athletes, celebrities, or anyone else that needs help putting their message to paper.

Hopefully, that doesn’t have you doubting your favorite author – but back to Twitter.

On Twitter, ghostwriters essentially do the same thing; only they have to turn out one tweet after the other. They are master communicators who hire out their skills to help people build audiences using magnetic tweets.

Twitter ghostwriters distill ideas into clear and engaging bite-sized chunks of tweet-worthy writing. If you have a hard time turning your knowledge into attention-grabbing bursts of content, then a Twitter ghostwriter might be what you need.

 When to consider hiring a ghostwriter:

  • You don’t have the time to create quality tweets, or
  • You can’t seem to get the hang of writing for Twitter,
  • You don’t get as much engagement as you’d like
  • Growing a Twitter audience isn’t your main priority


If any of the reasons above apply to you, a ghostwriter could be the solution to growing your Twitter presence.

Working with a Twitter ghostwriter

Anyone who wants to grow their twitter account, DM me.

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— PoL | Tweet Ghostwriter (@ThePsychofLifes) October 26, 2021

Twitter ghostwriting is an amazing service, but how can you find your ghostwriting match?

Finding a reliable ghostwriter is a bit of a task, but for the most part, it comes down to running a Twitter search for ghostwriters and DM’ing writers that match what you’re looking for.

Alternatively, you could simply ask for ghostwriter recommendations and have the writers come to you.

There are many ghostwriters out there, some like PoL (@PsychofLifes) that advertises his services openly in his tweets, and others you have to dig a little deeper to find.

How much does a ghostwriter cost?

The going rate for Twitter ghostwriters isn’t exactly clear.

For the most part, a decent ghostwriter will cost you at least $500 to $600 a month.

That’s the fee most beginner ghostwriters charge.

It becomes a lot more expensive if you want ghostwriters who have a proven track record of writing engaging tweets.

One ghostwriter, who we won’t name over here, charges clients anything from $2500 to $3000 a month to grow their Twitter audience.

That’s a lot of money, and some ghostwriters have even managed to create five-figure agencies out of writing tweets. It’s safe to say if you want a proven ghostwriter you better be prepared to pay the price.

What does a ghostwriting service include?

No two ghostwriting services will ever exactly be the same. Each package will be different depending on the arrangement that is agreed upon. While we can’t be certain of what you can expect, here is what PoL’s entry-level service of $500 gets you –

  • 90 tweets
  • 4 threads.


This is bound to be different from what other writers offer, but it should give you some sense of what to expect.

Typically, a ghostwriting service might guarantee at least three tweets a day. Beyond that, you might also get coaching on how to write engaging tweets and on how to monetize your audience. An info-product on Twitter strategies, frameworks, and templates could also make it into your service package with other coaches.

Apart from the tweets you get, most ghostwriters might guarantee you the following for working with them –

  • an increase in followers,
  • increased engagement, and
  • a spike in the number of impressions your tweets get.

Prominent Twitter ghostwriters

There are many Twitter ghostwriters out there, but to find them, you will have to move in the right circles for a while. Doing that can be time-consuming, especially if your Twitter account is on life support. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most prominent ghostwriters on Twitter to help you kick start your Twitter growth.

The benefits of Twitter ghostwriting

Working with a Twitter ghostwriter is pretty simple compared to book ghostwriting. All you have to do is give the writer an overview of your niche, the tone you want, what inspires you, and maybe, the accounts you want to emulate.

The process might feel slightly invasive, but the more the writer can get a sense of you, the more you’ll come through in the tweets they write. Each setup will no doubt be different, but the benefits of working with a quality ghostwriter are priceless:

  • They’ll clarify your ideas,
  • Improve your engagement, and
  • Grow your brand’s reach and virality.


A good ghostwriter will give you something most corporate brands could never achieve; excitement around your social media presence. Just ask Gillette and their non-existent social media engagement.

You might never have the same name recognition or as many followers, but for a fraction of the price brands pay social media managers, you can increase your popularity, make new connections, and grow a following interested in the things you’re working on.

If you want to share your work with people, but simply don’t have the time or the patience to figure out how to craft your tweets, a ghostwriter is a great way to get your message the attention it deserves.

How to ghostwrite on Twitter

Twitter ghostwriting is pretty big business, and some of your favorite accounts might even have someone behind the scenes writing those tweets you like so much.

If you hang around on Twitter long enough, you’re bound to come across many ghostwriters. Each will do things slightly differently, but making over two thousand dollars from writing tweets is quite amazing when you consider how much time sink social media is for most people.

Below are some steps you can take to land your first ghostwriting client if you’re up to the challenge.

  1. Find an account with below-average engagement
  2. Study the account
  3. Create tweets you think would receive better engagement
  4. Reach out to the Twitter user and propose a ghostwriting arrangement if your tweets do better than theirs.


This is a very simple strategy for getting clients if you have no previous experience with ghostwriting. Obviously, not everyone is interested in growing their Twitter popularity, but if you stick to it, you’ll definitely get some people to take you up on your offer. And, it only gets easier once you’ve got testimonials about your service.

One thing to remember about ghostwriting is that you’ll hardly convince anyone you can grow their account if you’re a virtual nobody yourself. Establishing your own Twitter account before trying to help others will help you build credibility around your ability to build an engaged audience.

The future of social media writing

The ability to connect meaningfully with their followers is something brands are constantly investing in. On Twitter, ghostwriters do that better than anyone else. Soon they’ll be everywhere because gone are the day when social media managers could get by on scheduling a few posts here and there with uninspiring captions.

It might be your first time hearing about Twitter ghostwriters but it certainly won’t be the last. Their ability to decipher what works for social media and create loyal and engaged communities is unmatched, and soon enough they’ll be writing your favorite brand’s tweets, Instagram captions, and more.

If you’d like some help growing your Twitter follow this link and be sure to hit us up on Twitter. For tips on how to grow your social media following direct to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter.

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