Using Twitter like a pro: A beginners guide

Using Twitter like a pro

Starting and maintaining a Twitter can be a pretty difficult thing, and yet it’s something we should all do. It’s never been more important to have some sort of online presence, as the world moves increasingly towards staying connected through social media platforms. Like anything worthwhile, you might suck at it, to begin with, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll realize it was well worth it.

This is your guide to using Twitter like a pro.

Getting started using Twitter like a pro

Setting up a Twitter account is pretty easy. Head over to Twitter dot com, and after a couple of minutes of following the prompts, you’ll have your Twitter account all set up and good to go. In all likelihood, you’ve probably done that. If you haven’t you should take some notes and get right to it after you’re done here.

Once you’re done with your account set up, the real fun begins. Using Twitter like a pro is a lot more than just logging in to post random thoughts and replying with emojis to your favorite posts. That’s sure to waste all your time and get nothing done. Using Twitter like a pro is about creating value, for yourself and for the people that interact with your content.

Used right, Twitter can help you create an awesome network of friends, help you meet amazing people, and make you a lot of money in the process.

So, what are the basics?

Every pro-Twitter account has something that sets it apart. There’s no secret formula to it but getting the building blocks right will have you a long way towards commanding massive influence.

Here’s the main aspect you should improve on your account:

Building a strong profile

Building a strong profile is the biggest part of using Twitter like a pro. Your profile is how you make your first impression and a strong one will get your followers with minimal effort. Anything less than that and you’ll have a hard time convincing the people that end up on your profile to follow you.

What makes a strong profile?

  • Name 
  • Profile pic
  • Banner
  • Optimized Bio 


Below are examples of accounts with strong profiles that are managed by total Twitter pros.

Ed Latimore – Personal account

Using Twitter like a pro

Writing to Riches – Anon account

Using Twitter like a pro

Both these accounts are a masterclass in building a strong profile.

It goes without saying but, the name you pick for yourself is how people will remember you. You want to pick a good one, it is a large part of your brand. Settling on the right name will help people find you easily and it is a great opportunity to share what you’re about.

You could opt to go for your real name on remain “anon” and pick something loosely related to what your account is about. Both options work perfectly, you just have to make sure you’re creating value. Our two examples illustrate this perfectly.

Our two examples also feature commanding and eye-catching profile pictures. They invite you to explore more about the Twitter page you’re on and make you want to follow it. Winning at social media is all about capturing and retaining attention. The two accounts above do that effectively.

Also worth noting is how these accounts have simple yet powerful banners. They are understated, straight to the point, and right away give the impression that these accounts are all business and no-fluff. As Lawrence King, another Twitter pro says, your banner is like a billboard for your account. And, if you’re gonna put up a billboard, you might as well make it a good one.

Lastly, an optimized bio is the final element of a strong profile. Both are featured bio’s that make a strong impression. The first one shares some personal details highlights an interest and gives the reader an expectation of learning stoic street-smarts and the keys to realizing their highest potential. It has been optimized to make an instant connection and lasting impression. If anything, you’ll be wondering what “stoic street-smarts” are.

The second bio couldn’t be more compelling too. Every visitor to the profile is confronted with the same proposition. They can expect to, write better, sell better, and live better simply by following or clicking on the link. It’s clear the bio has been optimized to pick up followers and generate link clicks.

Of course, it goes without saying that an excellent profile alone will do you no good, but excellent content with a subpar profile will have people pass your account by. On social media, impressions matter, you shouldn’t think great content alone will help you get by.

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Growing your Twitter account like a pro

Once you’ve set up a strong profile, your focus will shift to growing a following and building influence. Unlike working on your profile, this will take some time. This guide will help you navigate that process you have better than average results.

Settle on a niche

There are many ways to grow your Twitter account, but none will bring you better results than focusing on a niche. Refining your focus down to one niche will help you create better content and allow you to increase the quality of your engagement with your followers.

Better content and quality engagement will help you crank up your impressions and increase your popularity in the Twittersphere. It’ll also mean people know what to expect from you and that will ultimately mean more followers. And, because you’ll have a defined focus the quality of followers you pick up will be far better than people just looking to have you follow back.

Engage, Engage, Engage

A very important part of maintaining a Twitter account is engaging with others in the Twitterverse. Unlike what most people would have you believe, the point of Twitter is to engage with others so well that you ultimately end up connecting with the people you like outside of Twitter. Many a friendship have been built on Twitter, and you should make some too.

You should take every chance you get to engage with posts relevant to you. Likes, Retweets, Comments, and DMs are all part of engaging and you should be doing it as often as possible. Take every chance you get to share your opinion and give whatever value you can to move the conversation forward. The more you’re able to do this, the more people will grow to appreciate your presence in their conversations, and ultimately the more your network will grow. If you want to build influence then you definitely want to be engaging relentlessly.

Tweet consistently, Tweet value

The ability to tweet regularly and tweet value consistently will go a long way to helping you build a commanding Twitter presence. If you’re able to tweet consistently people will get used to having you on their timeline and they’ll look forward to engaging with you. If you’re able to add value consistently as well then you’ll have the Twitterverse eating out of your palm in no time.

If you’re able to blend value and consistency there’ll be no limit to the Twitter growth you could see. You should definitely prioritize achieving a level of consistency and find ways to contribute valuable takes every time log on to Twitter.

Share your skills

A major part of using Twitter like a pro is helping others create value for themselves. Being able to do this will help you level up your influence and could potentially mean a lot of respect and money for you.

If you’re going to grow your Twitter account then you’ll have to become comfortable with sharing your talents with the community you’re part of. It can be a little daunting immersing yourself in a constant stream of ideas and being thoughtful enough to contribute your own expertise.

A massive commitment to upskilling in the Twitter community is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits. Twitter makes it possible for you to pick up any skill you want and you can be surrounded by a community of people that want to see you thrive while you learn at it.

Sharing your development and growth is an awesome way to build familiarity with your audience. They’ll more than appreciate following your journey and you never who’s watching and who you might be inspiring while you’re at it.

If you want to use Twitter like a pro then you have to get comfortable sharing your skills and learning in public.

Use Hypefury

Another part of using Twitter like a pro is being able to keep your fans engaged while maintaining your productivity and not getting lost in it all. That is where we come in. Hypefury allows you to manage your Twitter growth all while giving you the freedom to be productive and to enjoy time away from the timeline.

Hypefury comes with a range of features designed to help you create engaging content. It allows you to create and schedule posts and then gives you access to features designed specifically to help you boost your reach, impressions, and engagement. You can very easily grow your Twitter account on auto-pilot and make yourself a healthy side-income by leveraging Hypefury’s epic list of features and integrations. You can give it shot by trying out our risk-free 7-day free trial.

Underrated Twitter pro-tip

Lastly, you can leave your Twitter pro status in no doubt at all by implementing this one Twitter pro-tip. Log off and log often. Goes without saying at this point that with Hypefury you can log off and your Twitter growth will take care of itself but more than that you really want to log off every chance you get.

You enjoy Twitter a lot more and see tremendous growth in your following the more you’re able to log off and go live a fulfilling life. You might have caught onto this by now but Twitter pros are able to see massive growth by leveraging their experiences away from Twitter and you should do the same. The more you’re able to do that, the easier Twitter will get.

So, the next time you’re short on content to share, just log off and go have some fun, get your work done, relax and when you come back you’ll have more content than you can imagine.

And there you have it, that’s how you can start building your Twitter presence like a pro. It’s probably a lot easier than you imagined hey? The key is not to take it all too seriously. Have fun, be authentic, commit to growth and learning, and you should have no trouble at all becoming the next Twitter pro.

If you’ve found this helpful give us a shout at @Hypefury on Twitter or check out the Hypefury Presents, our podcast dedicated to helping you grow your Twitter account and online biz. You might also want to have a look at this post on how you can use your Twitter productively

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